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Site of German agency Antoni who services Mercedes Benz exclusively. Bold and playful, with full bleed video backgrounds and large type. Love the cases part of the site with a slick horizontal scrolling gallery and smooth seamless transitions into the project page. Nicely designed and modern agency site.

Created by Matrin Silvestre (@martinsilvestre).

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The new, featuring bold and lively layout for this modern brand hub. Content first strategy with editorial articles, design pieces, and full bleed background video. Interesting approach that reinforces the brand and allows users to experience the world of BMW without looking at specific models and being overtly sold to.

Created by Jung von Matt (@jungvonmatt).

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BMW Paris Motorshow

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Site documenting the BMW presence at the Paris Motorshow. In depth 360 degree photospheres showing the range of BMW cars – love that you can jump inside the cars and see the cockpit view. Sweet transitions when looking at the details of the cars / model detail, nice way of mapping the view of the motorshow and highlight additional information. Love the 3D map of the exhibition space that allows you to jump around, loads of details and thoroughly polished experience.

Created by 84.Paris (@84Paris_live).

Site here…

Citroen Origins

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Site documenting some of Citroen’s most iconic cars. Love the immersive app like approach – with an exploratory interface that encourages deep dives into the content. Lots of great content, sounds of the cars starting, brochures, posters, photography and specs. Nice use of 360 renders – from both the exterior and the interior. A lovingly crafted and in-depth experience that looks great and works well.

Created by Werkstatt (@WerkstattParis).

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Mustang Customizer

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Fantastic 3D customizer to allow people to customize a range of Ford Mustangs. Love the detail and fidelity of the experience, from the amazing 3D model that renders wonderfully in browser that you can rotate and view from any angle. Love the way they have integrated the hotspots to allow you change options on the range of equipment and features. Taking cues from video games – and integrating slick transitions – makes for a playful and fantastically polished experience.

Created by Jam 3 (@jam3).

Site here…

Porsche Blackbox

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Taking racing data from a Porsche and mixing it with audio and visualising the results. Lovely rich, dynamic 3D experience, love the way the lines roll across the car and particles flow to highlight the profile of the Porsche. Nice colours and shapes that really offer a sensation of speed as the car ‘drives’ through the data. Nice idea and well crafted experience.

Created by Onformative (@onformative).

Site here…

Unique Flow

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Site allow people to create personalised 3D artworks. Sign in with Twitter / Facebook and press keys on your keyboard to create flowing colours and shapes set to music. There is a loose tie into a new Toyota car – but any excuse to create interactive artwork is a good one! Love the ambient sound and music and fun process involved in creating these artworks. I like the way a short gif is created to allow you to share your work.

Created by Field (@field_io).

Site here…

Subaru and the Environment

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Highlighting Subaru’s CSR initiatives and relationship with the environment. Featuring a dynamic and fluid timeline that is first formed by tree rings – you can zoom in and out and the timeline unravels and populates with events. The execution sets this whole experience a level above, from the slick transitions, animations, and interactions. Fantastic attention to detail – great example of a timeline based experience.

Created by Resn (@resn_has_no_i).

Site here…

Lincoln Musical Selfie

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Interesting site for Lincoln cars, using the contours and shape of your face to make a ‘musical selfie’. Simply upload your image / take a snapshot or view the gallery – the site will pick up key features of your face and arrange a song. The main thing I like here is the execution, it looks great – from the sliding mechanic in the gallery to the small animations and attention to detail. They have really made it feel alive and dynamic, and even tried to treat the uncertainty of user generated content, by making sure the imagery looks good, like the 3D moving shapes around the corner of the images.

Created by Jam3 (@jam3) and Hudson Rouge (@HudsonRouge).

Site here…

Well Storied

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Collating social media posts from Land Rover owners and drivers, mapping it and classifying it into an exploratory interface. Love the visual treatment of the map and minimal interface, filter by tag or just explore all the posts. Nicely crafted with interactions and transitions that add to the experience.

Created by Tool (@ToolofNA) and Y&R (@YRNY).

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Lovely informative and entertaining site promoting the Gogoro electric scooter. Highlighting the key characteristics of the scooter in a bold and engaging way – showing how fast it accelerates, how it corners, the key components – all the interesting things. What I like is the way they make it interactive – lots of little playful interactions – such as turning on the lights / carousels revealing nice animations and so on. Love the bold and streamlined approach to the layout – large imagery and bold typography. It is also responsive and works well across various devices – really nice example of a product site.

Created by Cinco Design (@cincodesign).

Site here…

The Vanishing Game

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Interesting approach for Land Rover USA, an interactive story written by author William Boyd. Featuring a montage of audio and visuals, telling the story of a man in his 30s given a mysterious chance job to drive a Land Rover to Scotland. Some nice basic interactivity and nicely put together to provide a compelling story – relying on the audience’s captivation the story is divided into 8 parts. A bold approach to interactive storytelling which works nicely.

Created by Y&R New York (@YRNY) and Tool (@ToolofNA).

Site here…

The Other Side

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honda-r-1 honda-r-2

Really really simple and enjoyable execution of a nice idea – for Honda Type R. Hold down the ‘R’ key on your keyboard while watching the film, it will show the same story and scene from the other side. In this case switching between a dad picking his kids up from school vs picking up his partners in crime fleeing a burglary! Very addictive to switch between the scenes – to see ‘the other side’. Had to include it for its simplicity and elegance, can’t help but smile at this one – and it’s just a car ad!

Created by W+K London (@W2Optimism), and Stink Digital (@stinkdigital).

Site here…