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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Christmas Price Index Gift Hunt – PNC

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Christmas Price Index Gift Hunt - PNC

Christmas Price Index Gift Hunt - PNC
Christmas Price Index Gift Hunt - PNCChristmas Price Index Gift Hunt - PNC

Nice site illustrating the index price of Christmas presents – all related to the ’12 days of Christmas’ – nice idea and really nicely executed. One of the best examples of a non-Flash site i’ve seen – in terms of sound integration, Google street view, music, transitions, flips. It looks great too, really nice layout and design, and lovely transitions all tie up to be a great site.

Created by Deutsch Inc (@deutschinc) and B-Reel (@b__reel).

Site here…

Here At Home

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Here At Home

Here At Home

Here At Home

Site from the National Film Board of Canada – highlighting the plight of homeless people in Canadian cities – an starting an experiment to home thousands of homeless people to see how much this costs vs not homing them and then treating them in drug clinics / shelters and so on. A brave experiment from the Canadian government. On top of being a fascinating story – the site is beautiful. Lots of cool transitions and lovely attention to detail. The homepage is a visual treat of swirling balls of colour and video clips. Exploring the cities we see a more infographic approach to the layout and design. The way things move around the screen and the way text animates is really nice as is the art direction – all in all a nicely rounded experience.

Created by National Film Board of Canada (@thenfb).

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GREY – Interactive Access Map

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Grey Mapgrey-map-2grey-map-3

GREY group’s directions to their Japan office. Instead of doing a standard map, they did a fun interactive third person map. Simply using the arrow keys to go forwards / backwards arriving at crossroads, going the wrong way prompts some silly dead end sequence – lots of these to find! Just a really fun, creative way of showing people how to get to the office – full of personality and Japanese style irreverance!

Created by GREY (@greygroupapac).

Site here…

Museum Studio

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Portfolio site of Museum Studio Swedish Art-direction and creative studio. Really nice thumbnail based layout, rolling over the projects shuffles through the thumbnails, clicking shoots them all out in a line and enlarges them and places a grey overlay on the rest of the background. Love the animation and transitions, really nicely crafted and clean minimal design.

Created by the now closed Antenna Research Facility and Museum Studio (@museumstudio).

Site here…

Jam With Chrome

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Pretty amazing feat from Google – Jam With Chrome. A multi-user musical jam session! The level of detail and complexity visually simplified here is incredible (It’s all created in javascript and so on too). Mind-blowing really… Really fun to play with and nice angular art-direction, loads of nice animation and transitions. Love the ‘pro’ and ‘easy’ ways to play, loads of little customisable features such as bpm, key, distortion and so on. Really really cool, looks great, and fun to play with.

Created by Google Creative LabTool (@ToolofNA), and Rob Bailey (@RobJamesBailey).

Site here…



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Silk is a simple site that allows you to create symmetrical swirling patterns – and share them! Very minimal and interesting to play with – the lines it creates are very smooth and there are a lot of nice touches that liven it up a little.

Created by Yuri Vishnevsky.

Site here…