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Same Days Forever

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Lovely site of band J.Roddy Walston & The Business, and their song “Same Days” – this is their interactive music video. Love the build up of video and the way the interactive element – dragging around – mimics the video itself to create a kind of illusion. Very simple, but beautifully done, short and sweet.

Created by The Martin Agency (@martinagency), New Object (@NewObjectINC), and Hue&Cry (@hueandcrytv).

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Lincoln Dream Ride

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Nice video experience running through the key features of the new Lincoln MKC. Set from a first person perspective you join your friend in a chase to find a missing wallet – conveniently using all the new features of the car! Nicely done, you can pan around your viewpoint – to look around the scene – makes for a more immersive experience. The key features are pulled out, and demonstrated in the film, you can pause and find out more in a non-obtrusive way. Overall a really nice example of using video & a story to bring a car to life.

Created by Hudson Rouge (@HudsonRouge) and Stink Digital (@stinkdigital).

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Nike Natural Motion

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Nice site for Nike, and their philosophy of their natural motion range of trainers. Taking inspiration from the shoes themselves, the site is flexible and dynamic, love that you can drag around the blocks of copy, video, and imagery. Lots of detail in the content too – giving a insight into the design philosophy – again which is mirrored by the interface. It is also responsive, which is great to see too. Nice to see something like this which is a bit different, looks good, with a nice visual/interactive concept behind it.

Created by Nike (@Nike).

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New responsive site for Volkswagen. So many small details to admire, the simplified navigation – to the side – expanding on pressing ‘more’ – so it remains elegant and does not over clutter the screen. Ultra stripped back models page, with the dynamic angles of the cars keeps it interesting. The full screen find a dealer feature – the real time stock inventory – the ‘find a match’ feature – the preloader that runs across the top of the page – the small legal disclaimers that slide up from the bottom of the viewport. Admittedly the site is for the US market, but still car sites are incredibly complicated and this site is really at the modern edge end of the spectrum. It looks lovely and stripped back as much as possible and responds well to different devices.

Created by Deutsch Inc (@deutschinc).

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VW Beetle – Collection Coccinelle

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Site for the Coccinelle Collection of VW Beetle’s. Full of videos and interactive content – lovely homepage carousel – a bit different to usual – in this case a 3d rendering of the cars in their natural habitat. The detail pages are lovely – a bit of subtle parallax along with interactive elements such as allowing you to change the colour and so on / 360 degree sliders etc. Elegant design and layout, brought to life with nice animations and transitions.

Created by DDB Paris (@DDBParis) and Bonhomme (@BonhommeParis).

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OK Kid

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New EP from German band OK Kid. Love the way the video grid builds up, bringing in one video at a time, and the cool little transitions that reveal text and so on. Lovely transition to the track playing and so on, nicely thought out. For a bonus – it’s also responsive – nice work.

Created by Benoit Lafond (@LafondBenoit).

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