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Lynn Schmidt

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Ultra minimal and stylish site for fashion photography stylist Lynn Schmidt. Love the elegant simplicity and offset grid – so simple – tap on the image to cycle through images for that project. Simple slide out menu, easy to use, and works great on mobile too.

Created by OFF.

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Number 04

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Site for US based design studio Number 04. Playful and simple with large type that spells out rather than showing what they do. Nice mixture of imagery, video, gifs and so on for the project pages. Love the fun cursor replacements that add a surprising element, lots of nice little features like this – such as rolling over the project thumbs changes the background colour, also – if you leave the site idle for a while – you can play pong! Also a closing note reveals a drawing canvas. Nice modern site with personality.

Created by Number 04 (@_number04).

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You are Watching

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Site that generates a never ending film composed of live web camera footage, the soundtrack is also found footage. Really interesting idea – it strikes an interesting note about security and privacy in this modern age. Like the way it mixes video and sounds in an algorithmic way so no two viewings are the same.

Created by Null.

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Belligerent Eyes

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A digital art piece that in their own words “Through a chat-bot, contents are imported in realtime by a custom AI censoring algorithm, displaying itself in an infinte loop of hyper-medial elements. Visitors will experience the flow changes in realtime, exploring contents and features of this new media.” The end result is a 3D stream of modified visuals floating in space. Interesting experimentation with the concept of censorship.

Created by display.

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Tank Magazine

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Site for Tank magazine, UK independant quarterly on contemporary culture, design, art and so on. Love the 3D panels showing the latest issues content outline – some interesting interaction, where the entire paragraph splits and reveals imagery. Minimal design makes a nice juxtaposition with the content and imagery from the magazine.

Created by Tank Magazine (@tankmagazine).

Site here…

Humans & Machines

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Site for German digital agency Humans & Machines. Elegant and minimal site for a body of work spanning identity to app design. Lots of nice transitions from section to section, with gorgeous seamless animations – that give a feel of polish and simplicity. The case studies for each of the projects are well considered and include inline videos, animations, and wireframes even to describe their process and pull out the nice features. Such a lovely, modern and fresh experience.

Created by Humans & Machines (@humans_machines).

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Ortiz Leon

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Gorgeous site for famous Spanish architects Ortiz Leon. Beautiful photography paired lovely type and interactivity. Love the seamless transitions, to the level of interactivity and detail on the project pages. So much detail, for example on the case study pages – the carousel arrows have a small timer that rotates around the circle to auto cycle, each image also appears in a slightly different size – keeps it interesting and looks great. Love the grid style overlays and boxes that brings the theme to life.

Created by 22 Degrees (@Veinti2Gra2).

Site here…

Jeremy Vitte

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Site of Jeremy Vitte art director and designer for magazines, books and identity. Simple folio site that shows the range of work in a minimal way, love the way the screen splits to show the open project down the right side of the screen. Nice range of work displayed in an elegant and complimentary way.

Created by Tristan Bagot (@TristanBagot).

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Mustang Customizer

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Fantastic 3D customizer to allow people to customize a range of Ford Mustangs. Love the detail and fidelity of the experience, from the amazing 3D model that renders wonderfully in browser that you can rotate and view from any angle. Love the way they have integrated the hotspots to allow you change options on the range of equipment and features. Taking cues from video games – and integrating slick transitions – makes for a playful and fantastically polished experience.

Created by Jam 3 (@jam3).

Site here…

Beoplay H5

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Another lovely B&O site, this time promoting their new wireless in ear headphones. Love the small interactive moments that tell the story and pull out the key features in a playful way. Nice design and interesting photography and location choice too – interesting moments of video scrubbing on scroll. Nice modern one-pager that pulls out all the details that users will find interesting wrapped in a nice to explore experience.

Created by B-Reel (@b__reel).

Site here…

Love Fila

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Site showcasing the collaboration of FILA and Marion Bartoli. A limited edition collection is shown through a series of colourful transitions and interactivity that showcase the range. Nice touches include the thumbnails for colourways that cycle over time, love the art direction and colour. Fun playful way to inject a lot of personality into the experience.

Created by Domani Studios (@domanistudios).

Site here…