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Norman is a neat web tool to created animated 3D scenes viewable with a supported VR device. If you have the VR controllers you can create your own animated scenes – like Tiltbrush but all browser based – pretty amazing. Love the hand drawn and organic feel that really brings sketches to life.

Created by James Paterson (@presstube) and Google Creative Lab.

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The Stories Behind a Line

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Site documenting several migrants journeys “is a visual narrative of six asylum seekers’ routes. They travelled from their hometown to Italy. This project wants to tell their stories through the data that shaped their personal travelling line.” Love the way you can toggle the various ways of representing their routes, from a data perspective, from a map, and from the lines.

Created by Federica Fragapane (@fedfragapane) and Alex Piacentini.

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Fanny Myard

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Site of Belgium based stylist Fanny Myard. Featuring her collections and collaborations in a nice bold format. Love the colour in the background reflected in the imagery. Nicely side scrolling collection of photography which reveals with an animated mask. Love all the slick and seamless transitions that are dotted throughout the interactions. Nicely crafted and looks great.

Created by Patrick Heng (@Pat_Hg) and Robin Mastromarino (@cherwoood).

Site here…

Henning Larsen

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Site of Henning Larsen architects extraordinaire. Lovely site, homepage is a feed of latest projects, news and insights. Project detail pages are well designed, with a useful side nav, love the end of the page with the shelf revealing more information. Lots of details that improves the overall experience – from the menu to the clean and minimal design.

Created by Magic People Voodoo People (@weremagicpeople)

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From Here to Everywhere

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Site promoting Fonterra and their global efforts to make a better world – through milk. Featuring a nice 3D globe with multiple layers – you can rotate and click on hotspots to reveal short stories in those locations. Nicely designed, crafted and polished experience.

Created by Gladeye (@gladeye).

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Olivier Lapidus

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Site of French based couture designer Olivier Lapidus. Nice fresh take on the fashion range site, explore the line up, and see the detail for each piece. Detail view is fantastic, scroll down and the model to the left rotates, with video and detail scrolling up to add depth. Love the “you might like” section and quick links to explore similar dresses. Nicely crafted and executed full of slick transitions and animation.

Created by Werkstatt (@WerkstattParis).

Site here…