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Site for Japanese interior design firm Draft. Lovely portfolio of work brought to life with lots of nice animation, transitions and interactions. It looks great, lots of large type and offset details that really break up the page and inject a sense of energy.

Created by Shiftbrain Inc (@shiftbrain).

Site here…

Beyond by Lexus

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Lovely online magazine site for Lexus Beyond. An app like experience for Lexus – and their magazine – a lot of competitors simply release an app to provide that rich design & user experience, but Lexus have created it all online which is quite a feat. Each article is individually animated and polished to a high degree to give a unique experience. This is all wrapped up in a simple interface which is easy to use and navigate – with nice transitions, layout, and design. Really worth exploring and getting into to see all the nice touches and details.

Created by Saatchi & Saatchi Fallon Tokyo Inc and SHIFTBRAIN Inc (@SHIFTBRAIN).

Site here…