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Colin Snow

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Site for Colin Snow, Art Director and Designer based in Los Angeles. Love the cropped logo intro segment, and the interesting use of video for the projects – rollover a project it enlarges slightly and plays video inline. Nice use of mouse icon changes to show when you can cycle through thumbnails, and the sticky logo element. Looks great too with the offset thumbnails and use of whitespace.

Created by Colin Snow (@csnowrun).

Site here…

Jean Helfenstein

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Site for French creative developer Jean Helfenstein. Separated into two main sections, personal and professional – focussing on his work in a slick and simple way. Nice layout brought to life with smooth animations and transitions that is an elegant example of a modern portfolio.

Created by Jean Helfenstein (@jhelf).

Site here…

Reboot – Files Rec.

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Promo site for File Rec. an international underground electronic record label. The site explores a whole range of electronic music which is visualised through a 3D sound reactive pattern, which changes over time. Love the build up of layers with text, patterns, and shapes formed from large pixels. Love the minimal black and white design, and the subtle pause state of the music.

Site here…

Exhausting a Crowd

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Lovely site commissioned by the V&A in England. Featuring a series of CCTV footage overlooking London’s landmarks and its inhabitants. The interface allows you to tag and track people and objects, which is a lot of fun. Love the playful nature of the site, and sheer delight in losing time watching events and people traverse the capital.

Created by Kyle McDonald (@kcimc).

Site here…

Lucas Hirata

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Portfolio of creative director Lucas Hirata. Nice background video and large tiles that link through to the individual project pages. Well thought out project pages that look great and offer a real sense of personality. Also love the ‘about’ section, which is really fun. Nice transitions between sections all in all a slick well designed portfolio site.

Created by Lucas Hirata and Ramon Fritsch (@ramon_fritsch).

Site here…