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Panasonic – Everything Matters

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Great site promoting the concept ‘everything matters’ for Panasonic. Presented in a 3d universe, sections of the site showcase how important the details are for all Panasonic products. Explore the sections to see the stories behind the details, from interactive sponges to visitor’s submitted thoughts. Very nice looking and lots of good animations and nice interactivity, providing a more human personality to the brand.

Created by de-construct.

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IKEA – Warte Bis September

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IKEA - September website

Campaign site promoting the new IKEA catalogue in Germany, released in September, as the name suggests: ‘Waiting for September’. It followed the days leading up to the release, where Nils sits in his flat and is visited by friends, does things, answers phone calls from the public, interacts with users on his laptop, and so on. Over the days we see the room change when finally the new cataloge is released and we see his flat tranformed with IKEA products.

Presented in a full screen format you see the live camera footage from a choice of 2 angles, you could also embed the live feed into your blog and so on. Very similar to the Diesel Heides campaign site but taken a few steps further. Its effectiveness lies in its simplicity, and the way the content has been thought out, in the end you can see the difference the furniture makes and it provided a sense of anticipation and buzz about IKEA. Nice idea well executed!

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Wanted movie website

Pretty cool website of the movie ‘Wanted’. What I like about this site is the smooth slick navigation and the full screen layout, and the way the camera moves in and out to reveal the sections for each character. Might have been even better if the interface was not pre-rendered and more dynamic.

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