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Marie Liszkay

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Site of French photographer specializing in high end fashion and beauty photography. Very elegant and simple design that allows the photography to pop, love the background colour transitions that match the imagery in foreground. Love the seamless transitions that add a subtle premium well polished feel to the site. It looks great and lots of nice details that make fun to explore.

Created by 60fps (@weare60fps) and David Ebellino.

Site here…

One shared house

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Interactive documentary exploring the concept of communal living. Really interesting approach, using the medium to show different camera angles, extra panels to explore the concepts, and nice use of colour and type to bring points to life. I love that they really thought about the format of the documentary and allowed you to explore and find out more information contextually as you experience the site. It looks great too!

Created by Anton and Irene (@antonandirene).

Site here…

Radio Garden

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Site allowing you to navigate radio stations by location on a 3D map. Really simple interaction model, drag around and the strongest signal closest to your position depicted on the map will tune in a radio station. Really fun way of listening to stations all over the world – through exploration of a 3D globe. Nice idea and nicely executed.

Created by Studio Puckey (@studiopuckey).

Site here…

Intangible Matter

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Lovely site for Chanel and in the words of the creators “The Fifth Sense is an online platform from Chanel and i-D celebrating the emotion of scent and the way it inspires female creativity. For its latest commission, Intangible Matter, we worked with digital artist Lucy Hardcastle to bring to life her interpretation and creative vision of Chanel’s N°5 L’Eau, through code.” I love the exploratory nature of the site, the concept itself is interesting – can we interpret a scent online through interactivity? Lovely 3D work, minimal design, nice soundtrack too. Very nice work…

Created by Stinkdigital (@stinkdigital).

Site here…

FKA Twigs

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Site for music group FKA Twigs. Love the composition of snippets of images, video, audio that promotes a very much exploratory experience. Interesting design and interesting use of a search bar with tabs to explore the content if you want to dive a little deeper. Nice to see people experimenting with different interfaces and layouts.

Created by International Magic (@intmagicgroup).

Site here…

Orient Express

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Site for the reimagining of the Orient Express brand and offerings. Featuring full screen video and lots of white space to provide a premium aesthetic of the rebranded old school travel by rail offering. They focus on the materials and experience the railway offers and the locations along the way. Nice transitions make it feel like a polished experience.

Created by DAN Paris (@tbwadanparis).

Site here…