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April | 2016 | NICE!

Monthly Archives: April 2016

Porsche Blackbox

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Taking racing data from a Porsche and mixing it with audio and visualising the results. Lovely rich, dynamic 3D experience, love the way the lines roll across the car and particles flow to highlight the profile of the Porsche. Nice colours and shapes that really offer a sensation of speed as the car ‘drives’ through the data. Nice idea and well crafted experience.

Created by Onformative (@onformative).

Site here…

Dada Data

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Lovely site celebrating 100 years of the Dada movement. Love the singular large canvas type execution, with multiple layers, imagery, and type – when navigation you scroll your viewport to another part of the canvas. There is a lot of depth to the site, from bizarre interactive games pairing up with your phone through to explorative profiles on artists and history. Beautifully executed and a lot of fun to explore.

Created by Afuken (@akufen).

Site here…


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Site for Danish creative agency Ouur. Lovely clean and elegant portfolio of work featuring photography, digital, and editorial work. Love the calm colour wash on the homepage and the offset layout featured throughout the site. The animated gifs add a nice dynamic element to liven it up, combined with the staggered layout it all adds a feeling of energy in the layout.

Created by Ouur & Mario Depicolzuane (@studio8585).

Site here…

Maeva Barriere

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Lovely site for Maeva Barriere – French culinary artist – ‘food art’. Loads of fantastic transitions, masks and black and white reveals. It feels very refined and premium, with lots of white space and elegant design. Lots of nice details such as the preloader bar, love the ‘back’ button at the end of each page, superb animations and fantastic execution.

Created by MASHVP (@mashvp).

Site here…

Mass Art Program

By | @sonicjam_Inc | No Comments


Site for new art project that invites artists to create in-house artwork for companies that co-create with the team. Lovely execution, love the transition from the header to the page view. It looks loverly with several nice UI moments and love the typography reveals on the homepage, where blocks of black transition into the type.

Created by Sonicjam (@sonicjam_Inc).

Site here…

Albedo Absolute

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Teaser site for new film Albedo Absolute. Love the 3D scrolling which morphs the background of the site and provides a unique perspective as you scroll down. With a relatively small amount of content they have created something quite compelling with lovely sound design too.

Created by VGNC (@vgnc).

Site here…

Law of the Jungle

By | @watsondg | No Comments


Site promoting the launch of the new Jungle Book film. Featuring lovely bold type, background video and – deeper in the site – beautifully created 3D illustrated scenes. Love the transitions and lots of attention to detail, beautifully crafted and nicely executed when you consider it is essentially a really well skinned Tumblr blog.

Created by Watson D/G (@watsondg).

Site here…

Adidas Climazone

By | @resn_has_no_i | No Comments


Site promoting Adidas Climazone range of clothing. Nicely designed long scrolling page, lovely use of texture and typography and lots of depth with the subtle parallax effect. Love use of photography, and love the simplicity of the carousels. It looks great on mobile too.

Created by Resn (@resn_has_no_i).

Site here…

G-Star 3D Denim

By | @cartelle | No Comments


Site promoting G-Star RAW’s elwood jeans range. Nice ‘3d’ carousel – where you drag left to right to transition to different scenes showing features of the jeans. Scroll down into the lookbook to see more details and photos, nice masking transitions and bold bright typography. It looks great – nicely designed and nice execution.

Created by Cartelle (@cartelle).

Site here…

Lotta Nieminen

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Gorgeous site for Lotta Nieminen, Finnish illustrator and designer. Love the peeking pages on the left and right edges of the site that allows you to cycle through the pages as much as you want. Elegant and simple, the folio does a great job of letting the work shine, everything looks and feels so cohesive with matching colour palettes and styles on the thumbnails. Lovely work.

Created by Lotta Nieminen (@lottanieminen) and Jonatan Erikksson.

Site here…


By | @nytimes | No Comments


Lovely photo journalism piece documenting six visual journeys in Nigeria, Black Sea, Tokyo, Venezuela, Istanbul, and Italy. Lovely full bleed imagery and video mixed with simple introductions and background to each story. Simple and elegant – really nice bit of interactive storytelling.

Created by NY Times (@nytimes).

Site here…