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The Next Rembrandt

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Interesting project to 3D print a new Rembrandt painting from special software written to recognize and read a vast library of his paintings. The website itself takes you on a scrolling journey through how they tackled it, with sliding panels bringing in more info. So many nice details, from the animation and transitions to the lovely design. Thoughtful UI and interaction, brought to life with great imagery and short videos.

Created by JWT Amsterdam (@JWTAmsterdam) and Superhero Cheesecake (@tastysuperhero).

Site here…

Pic Your Travel – Heineken

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Competition setup by Heineken to win 2 intercontinental tickets to any destination of your choosing. All you have to do is submit a photo taken abroad with a bottle of Heineken somewhere in the image. The site housing of all is this is quite a technical feat, a fully 3d globe with night / day, rotation, bump mapping – the attention to detail is incredible! You can zoom in / out, see all the individual photos etc, all presented in a nice way. Loads of cool transitions and animations bringing it all to life – from planes tracking the distance to Amsterdam, to statistics on the amount of photos and locations – all really in depth a fun to explore.

Created by TBWA\NEBOKO (@tbwaneboko) and Superhero Cheesecake (@tastysuperhero).

Site here…