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Nurture Digital

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Site for US based digital and video production agency Nurture Digital. Love the masked showreel in the background as you scroll through the background changes with colour and animation – highlighting that project. It is beautifully designed, nice bold typography and full of great detail and animations – love the way the transitions on the homepage to see individual projects. The project view looks great, love the intro panel which transitions to full screen video then detailed panel down the side appears as you scroll. One of the nicest agency folio sites i’ve seen for a while.

Created by Bryan James (@wengerstoybus).

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Species in Pieces

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Lovely bit of work, highlighting the plight of 30 of the world’s most threatened animals. Nice project educating the world about these amazing animals – love the look and feel, the polygonal creatures morphing from one to another. Attention to detail is great, the animals subtly animate, so does the typeface! Pleasure to use and love the way each scene changes to the next – and on top of all of this it also works on mobile/tablet really well. Great to see more of this kind of work out there.

Created by Bryan James (@WengersToyBus).

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Hashima Island

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Fascinating site about Hashima Island – a small abandoned island once home to a coal mine – the town was abandoned quickly meaning much was left behind. Recently Google Streetview was made made available for the island and this site was put together focussing on interesting locations such as ‘stairway to hell’, and ‘block 65’. Desaturated and with eerie music the site offers a great wrapper for the fascinating imagery – a really atmospheric almost game like experience.

Created by Bryan James (@wengerstoybus).

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