From Here to Everywhere

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Site promoting Fonterra and their global efforts to make a better world – through milk. Featuring a nice 3D globe with multiple layers – you can rotate and click on hotspots to reveal short stories in those locations. Nicely designed, crafted and polished experience.

Created by Gladeye (@gladeye).

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J. Hornig – Johos

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Beautiful site taking you on a journey through Brazil to find a certain coffee bean. The chapter based story depicts scenes from Brazil, photos and video – and simple small snippets of info brought to life through infographics and motion. Lovely layout and story telling really gives a flavour of what the coffee is all about, brought to life with simple and elegant animations and transitions.

Created by Wild (@madebywild).

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Creative Edge Parties

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Really interesting site for Creative Edge Parties – event planners and caterers based in NY. Love the creative approach to the project, packed full of personality with bouncing, pulsing interactive transitions – love the ‘play’ section of the site where interactive experiments take the stage. Every section of the site has something to play with or interact with – all a bit of fun. Lots of cool transitions and 3D elements and animations.

Created by Adam Hartwig (@ImAdamTM).

Site here…

Ô Green by SPECIAL.T

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Small and simple site promoting Nestle’s new flavoured green tea. Placing you in a 3d underwater world free for you to explore. With slices of cucumber, apples, tea leaves and so on – all the flavours in the drink in a surreal world. Fun exploratory way of showing the world of flavours in the drink in a fun and playful way.

Created by Make Me Pulse (@makemepulse).

Site here…

Dom Perignon – Rose 2002

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Simple and elegant site promoting Dom Perignon’s Rose 2002. Beautiful 3d Flash visualisations highlighting sensations, tastes, and feelings you might experience whilst drinking the champagne. Some really nice layouts and lovely visualisations in the sequences – love the rose petals rotating! Wrapped up in an ultra minimal interface to let the content shine.

Created by Random Studio (@random_studio).

Site here…

Pic Your Travel – Heineken

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Competition setup by Heineken to win 2 intercontinental tickets to any destination of your choosing. All you have to do is submit a photo taken abroad with a bottle of Heineken somewhere in the image. The site housing of all is this is quite a technical feat, a fully 3d globe with night / day, rotation, bump mapping – the attention to detail is incredible! You can zoom in / out, see all the individual photos etc, all presented in a nice way. Loads of cool transitions and animations bringing it all to life – from planes tracking the distance to Amsterdam, to statistics on the amount of photos and locations – all really in depth a fun to explore.

Created by TBWA\NEBOKO (@tbwaneboko) and Superhero Cheesecake (@tastysuperhero).

Site here…

This is how we Dew

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A short series of video portraits of Mountain Dew’s sponsored sportsmen. Love the animations and transitions on the landing page, and seamless transition which leads you into the looping video portraits – which are beautifully put together and well conceived. Little hotspots allow you to find out more about the individual components of the portrait, and panning around adds some element of exploration to the scenes.

Created by BBDO New York (@BBDONY).

Site here…

Nespresso Trieste & Napoli

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Lovely site for Nespresso showcasing 2 limited edition flavours – Napoli and Trieste. Fantastic 3d animated illustrations of the scenes evoking the ambience of both towns. Lovely animations and transitions and a great level of detail – love the way the scene colours in when you click on the label of the scene. Really nice site with a lovely ambience – really nicely executed.

Created by Werkstatt (@WerkstattParis), and Lowe Strateus (@lowestrateus).

Site here…

Perrier Secret Place

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Perrier’s epic narrative ‘Secret Place’ – an immersive interactive film, where you choose your perspective featuring 60 people – you then see the story unfold through their eyes. The idea is to find the ‘secret bottle’ to enter a draw to win a holiday. There are lots of different scenarios from cutting a ladies dress off to reveal clues, to a game of poker, to flirting bar men – all with a sexy / weird twist. It is a lot of fun to explore the various story lines and characters – with their being a time limit to find the bottle it encourages you to replay time and time again. Great production value, and art direction – it apparently took Ogilvy Paris 18 months to create all the different scenes and characters. Also really like the summary of the characters and the journey you took through the site – again it makes you want to explore again and again.

Created by Ogilvy Paris (@Ogilvy_Paris) and Fighting Fish (@Fighting_Fish).

Site here…

Boundary Breaks

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Boundary Breaks

Boundary Breaks

Boundary Breaks


Site of Boundary Breaks wine from NY. Great looking typography and photography site – with some really nice touches. They go into great detail about how the wine is created, who is behind it, nice big photos – all aimed at getting across the ‘soul’ that goes into the wine. Nice looking minimal layout, each section is different and interesting, and the homepage is really quite unusual – a scene from outside of the vineyard  which shows a timelapse according on the position of your cursor. This all adds up to give a real ambience of the site, I love the ‘without compromise’ section – really interesting way of labelling where you are on the page, nice offset type and so on.

Created by Sons & Co.

Website here…


Hennesey White Rabbit

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Site promoting Hennessy VS and their new campaign ‘what’s your white rabbit?’. Plunging you down the ‘rabbit hole’, and taking you to strange interactive 3d scenes, love the exploration feel to it all – moving you mouse around the scene,  clicking on strange objects and so on. Nice to see a site like this again, well crafted, fun to play with and looks great.

Created by Resn, @resn_has_no_i.

Site here…

Mountain Dew

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Latest site of soft drink Mountain Dew. Really slick animations coupled with full on extreme sports styling is what this site is all about. Love the animations and the way the page splits to open up a section you click on. Really smooth rollovers and Flash-esque transitions, nice design all in all great example of what the latest web technologies can do.

Created by Firstborn.

Site here…

Dhanja – Nespresso

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Beautiful site promoting Nespresso’s new Dhjana coffee blend from sustainable sources. You discover the sources of the coffee panning around the scene. Full of stunning animations and smooth transitions, the site is brought to life. It looks fantastic, full of polish and well designed, amount of detail is incredible from the smallest of animations to buttons and so on. There is also a great soundtrack – it is full of sound – which really ties it all together. Really beautiful…

Crafted by Soleil Noir and Lowe Stratus.

Site here…