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Julien Belmonte

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Elegant site for Julien Belmonte, film director and designer. Featuring a simple and intuitive video scrubbing integration, which is simply your mouse cursor position. The homepage is just one long strip of videos, tap on one video and it expands. Nice transitions and smooth animation, with a really simple and elegant mechanic which lets the content do the talking.

Created by Johnathan de Costa (@jonathandc) and Make Me Pulse (@makemepulse).

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Beautiful 3D musical experience for band Helios and their new album Yume. Drag around the various 3D shapes to mix various elements from the tracks in the album. Different scenes have different music, love the way when you add bass or drums the landscape reacts – either in a sound reactive vibration or adding new 3D shapes into the mix. Site is minimal and simple which allows the music to take centre stage, a really beautiful and thoughtful site.

Created by WhiteVinyl (@whitevinyluk).

Site here…

Strava Insights

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Site that visualises billionsĀ of data points gathered by sports and fitness tracker Strava. The nice thing about the site, is the way it puts context around the data – by pulling insights from around the world – comparing them and visualising them. Love the attention to detail with the 3D sphere – even with moving clouds – and nice shareable snippets.

Created by Stink Digital (@stinkdigital).

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Site for Italian lingerie brand Silenzia. Featuring nicely shot full screen black and white video which places you in the lead female character. Prompting small moments of interactivity, choosing how to spend the day, or dragging the bra closure system – helps carry the story along and draw you in. The site design is minimal and elegant, whilst letting the content and story telling speak for itself.

Created by Fedoriv.

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Simple site for Kotelett underwear, that grabs your attention by dripping green paste over Ryvita crackers, then shows the models. Strange intro to reveal a very simple nav, that allows you to see the items in more detail – love that the models are a part of the site – full screen, framing the navigation. Such a simple mechanic, with the full bleed looping video just adding that extra dimension.

Created by Basics09 (@basics_09).

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Network Effect

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Interactive documentary that has curated 10,000 video clips, news, tweets, charts, graphs, lists, and millions of individual data points. Fascinating mix of topics and overwhelming amount of data. An interesting aspect of the site is that it limits you to viewing for only a couple of minutes at a time – then blocking you from re-visiting for 24 hours. Love all the infographics, and the interesting navigation at the top – all the topics instantly navigable from the scrolling mechanic. Simple but impactful it offers a glimpse into what people are doing and looking for online.

Created by Jonathon Harris (@jjhnumber27) and Gregor Hochmuth (@grex).

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Sounds strange but this is the site for Swiss embossing specialty company Boegli. Execution is superb, with super slick and restrained transitions and animations – love the timeline, transitions between the pages, and the scroll down mechanic where the visual masks off and shrinks to a portal. So well crafted and elegant with a splash of colour from the vibrant photography.

Created by Anonymous (@anonymous_paris).

Site here…

Kenji Endo

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Lovely site for Japanese DJ and musician Kenji Endo. Lots of fun details hidden here, from 3D rollover mesh typography, embedded music players with accompanying sound reactive visuals, lots of little features. Nice layout and design, love the large type, monotone look and feel, with subtle splashes of colour.

Created by Stronghold (@spc_tips).

Site here…

Pal Zileri

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Site for Italian label Pal Zileri. Slick, simple, and elegant is a good way to describe the site – it feels very well crafted and seamless with the video playing full bleed and images zooming to full screen. The attention to detail is thorough, with lots of nice touches the preloader bar at the top, the menu, the cursor changes, the zooming. It looks great too, nice layout with well considered use of images and type.

Created by AQuest (@id_aquest).

Site here…

Taste Rewind – Spotify

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Site for Spotify that creates playlists for you based on your preferences that rewinds musical tastes back a couple of decades. Really nice design and animations that inject a sense of playfulness and colour. Love all the preloading sequences and transitions – that creates a sense of narrative and storytelling and shows how you can get more out of Spotify.

Created by Razorfish (@Razorfish) and Stink Digital (@stinkdigital).

Site here…


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Stunning site promoting a new movie about the musician Amy Winehouse. Divided into main themes about her life brought to life with full screen video and imagery. Love the typography and quotes, with a well designed layout – the menu also looks great. Full of little animations and transitions that ease you through each section. Really great example of a film site…

Created by Watson/DG (@watsondg).

Site here…