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SF Book Club

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Site for San Francisco International Book Club, who in their own words “writes about and distributes books related to art, design, architecture, crafts, photography and fashion as well as everyday objects.” Nice horizontal infinite scroll experience that shows the range of products. Click on one to go into more detail – love the way you see the range of images – dependent on horizontal cursor position. Lovely big type and fresh colours, with fun and fresh look and feel with an injection of personality.

Created by Landscape (@LandscapeSF).

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Sailing With Greenpeace

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See the Greenpeace fleet and how they have tried to raise awareness for the ocean environment and the creatures affected by humans. Rich immersive audio and visual experience highlighting the vessels Greenpeace uses and has used over the past 40 years. Love the look and feel for the site, from the rotating reel acting as the menu to the technique used to show inside the ships – the site is full of delightful details. It works really nicely on mobile too, from the menu to the map view – all works and looks great.

Created by TWLVR (@TODAYTHE12) and Julien Renau (@julien_rno).

Site here…

Act of Love

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The digital accompaniment of a new book documenting various animals love rituals. Love the minimal pared down approach which highlights various movements and behaviors the animals have – shown simply through moving shapes. Click on the animation and a page split appears and more information is shown. Nice transitions and love the unifying way of displaying the simple animations to highlight the various weird and wonderful ‘acts of love’.

Created by Projector Japan (@koichiroot).

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Deju Vu – Kamra

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Beautiful interactive music experience from artist Kamra. Watch as your face gets detected and peel off to become a 3D animated object navigating a landscape of sounds and surrealism. Beautifully executed with great dynamic 3D scenes, animation and visual storytelling. Fantastic way of pairing music with a dynamic, personalized interactive experience.

Created by Invisible Designs Lab (@invisi_dl) and dot by dot inc.

Site here…

Conde Nast 2015

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Fantastic wrap up of events, moments, and stats for publisher Conde Nast. Featuring bold typographic approach with large imagery and horizontal scrolling mechanic that gives the timeline feel. Love the embedded videos and range of content from stats through to top moments, nicely wrapped in themes to give a more compelling experience. It looks lovely with an offset grid and bold type and large imagery, fantastic concept for end of year summary.

Created by Conde Nast (@CondeNast).

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Site for Swedish agency Bonnemarque.Beautiful dark look and feel, love the seamless transitions from the homepage to the project details – nicely done with inline video. The project pages are full of detail and outline their approach and the work itself, love the sticky nav on the left ‘BEGIN’ which expands and contracts as you scroll. Menu transition is lovely and slick, lots of cool animations and nice transitions wrapped up in a beautiful responsive design.

Created by Bonnemarque (@bonnemarque).

Site here…

Because Recollection

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Fantastic musical interactive experience for Because celebrating 10 years and 20 classic artworks. Hold down the spacebar to randomly select an artist and play with the artwork – ranging from dragging trees, lighting up a city, playing with gravity, etc etc. Each one is very cool and triggers the playback of the track – with animations, video and interactivity. Love this kind of thing – this is what the medium is all about, creating compelling interactive experiences that can only be done with the interactive medium. Beautifully executed with slick animations, fantastic transitions, pulled together with elegant UI and a nice bit of storytelling.

Created by 84.Paris (@84Paris_live).

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