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Interactive documentary telling the story of an abducted school girl and the trackers that searched for her. Beautifully crafted site that allows you to explore the scenes to uncover the story through the eyes of the trackers. Mix of video, 3D, typography, audio narrative and storytelling – great example of interactive storytelling.

Created by SBS Online (@SBS).

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Oat the Goat

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Interactive storybook featuring the adventures of Oat the Goat – tackling the topic of bullying. Beautifully crafted story and imagined 3D world – with simple tap based interactivity to make choices along the way. Love all the sound effects, music and dialogue – great attention to detail throughout. Nice way of broaching the topic of bullying through a wonderful and charming interactive story.

Created by Assembly (@_Assembly) & FCB New Zealand (@FCBNZ).

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Poor Millenials

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Long form interactive editorial piece from the Highline of Huffington post. A 8-month long reporting piece diving into the complexities millennials face today. Love the format of large data driven visuals brought to life through simple interactions such as scrolling. Nice use of typography and illustration to drive energy, which being a long read, still feels fun and informative. Nice work…

Created by Highline and Gladeye (@gladeye).

Site here…

From Here to Everywhere

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Site promoting Fonterra and their global efforts to make a better world – through milk. Featuring a nice 3D globe with multiple layers – you can rotate and click on hotspots to reveal short stories in those locations. Nicely designed, crafted and polished experience.

Created by Gladeye (@gladeye).

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Site of Glamuzina Architects based out of New Zealand. Lovely body of architecture work, brought to life through a wonderfully minimal site, with a dot grid, and splashes of colour. Love the little emojis dotted throughout, and the hits of colour on rollover in certain sections. Love the design and art direction…

Created by Sons & Co (@timkelleher).

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Through the Dark

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Beautiful experience and collaboration with Google Play Music and Hilltop Hoods. Through The Dark was written by Dan Smith for his son Liam, who was diagnosed with leukaemia at eight years old. The site takes you through an interactive 3D music video – using the scroll mechanic to change the position of your view. On mobile your accelerometer performs same task. Your view transitions between the light and the dark of the world, each view with subtly different perspectives of the same scene, light representing hope and the dark, fear. Love the simple mechanic and the stunning use of 3D to draw you in. Beautiful idea brought to life in a fantastic way.

Created by R/GA Sydney (@RGA).

Site here…

Ben Pearce

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Site of New Zealand based Ben Pearce, sculptor and artist. Love the minimal approach with splashes of personality and large imagery. Love the ‘my story’ page with the lines that trigger rollover states, lots of fun details dotted amongst the site, but still remaining easy to traverse and enjoy.

Created by Grafik (@_grafik).

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Simple interactive musical synth instrument in the browser. Awesome fun to play around with, simply click and drag around to change the pitch, and controls at the bottom allow you to customise the sound variables. There is even a companion app to download so you can record your creations.

Created by Femur (@femurdesign).

Site here…

America’s Most Admired Lawbreaker

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Lovely long form article on the story behind Johnson & Johnson – from the Huffington Post. Loads of great UI moments and nice approach to dealing with this amount of content and allowing users to navigate it in an interesting and compelling way. From the slide out menu detailing chapters, nice typography, to the sticky timeline along the left side which provides a nice reference marker. I love the use of illustrations to break up the content, some of which are interactive infographics, or nice parallax moments that play with depth. Considering the subject I love the way PDFs documenting evidence and letters etc backup the story. A fantastic take on in-depth interactive storytelling.

Created by Gladeye (@gladeye).

Site here…

60 FPS

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Site of developer Boris Etingof. Loads of shiny 3d animated particles coming together to create icons of the clients he has worked on, responsibilities, links and so on. Reminds me of the old school Flash portfolio sites, but in this case in Web GL and so on. Nice animations and transitions between the various projects.

Created by Boris Etingof.

Site here…