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Generative 3D music video featuring music by popcorn_10. Each time you watch the video it changes, with colours, shapes and sequencing changing depending on the details in the music. Love the playful and colourful feel and the way the 3D shapes appear, collide, and interact with each other – a great bit of fun.

Created by Always & Forever (@georgealways).

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Fun site of short and sweet interactive experiments. Really fun stuff playing with shapes, physics, lines to create mesmerising and colourful digital artworks. Great to play around with and explore, all wrapped up in a minimal interface that is a pure simple form.

Created by Toshiyuki Nagashima / Kakarod.

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Site for Revelator a new online service that helps music businesses streamline their revenue online. I like the horizontal scrolling layout, with a nice blue and black look and feel, videos and animated graphics to highlight the key features. Slick animations and transitions to the individual sections of the site, with sliding panels and so on pulling it all together.

Created by Hello Monday (@hellomondaycom).

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Site for Namale jewellery, and a short and sweet look book for their collection. Nicely styled site showcasing Namale’s range of jewellery – like the way the image splits and each segment scrolls to create the complete image. Also like the way the image goes full screen when you zoom into a specific product, small details help lift the experience. It looks lovely, with nice tone and grading throughout the site to help make it look premium.

Created by Phoenix The Creative Studio (@__ThePhoenix).

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Anton & Irene

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anton-1 anton-2 anton-3

Site of new New York based creative duo & agency Anton & Irene. Lovely dynamic layout, combining nice typography, bold imagery and a playful elegance featuring the main protagonists Anton & Irene in a series of fun photographs. Nice showcase of what they are involved with from talks, conferences, and of course creating work. Love the in-depth case studies on their latest projects, where they talk about the process and the amount of thought and consideration that goes into each project. Love the feeling of energy in the layout and the personality which shines through, it is also responsive. Great example of a modern folio site.

Created by Anton & Irene (@antonandirene) and Oleg Chulakov Studio (@chulakov).

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BBQ Cultures

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Site promoting Weber BBQs – through showing the world of BBQs and how they are used all over the globe. This is shown through a series of linked videos and locations, from smoking salmon in the woods to a BBQ whilst watch football in Germany. Nice alternating grid layout at each location, allowing you to explore hints and tips on how to make the perfect BBQ, such as how to sharpen your tools properly, how to look for the right kinds of meat and so on. This is all created in an informative way that is actually useful. All in all a nice branding piece lifted by a dynamic interface that lets you explore the world of BBQ cultures.

Created by UncleGrey (@uncle_grey) and MediaMonks (@mediamonks).

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