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ANA Flight Connections

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Branding site for ANA Japanese airline that allows you to visualise your LinkedIn connections and their locations across the world – alongside the routes ANA flies. Love the 3D implementation here, the globe and routes visualised in a really nice way – love the way you zoom into a city and see all of your connections floating around. Nice dashboard features too summarising your connections and LinkedIn profile – lots of nice infographics and attention to detail. It looks great and is well crafted with a host of nice animations, transitions and effects.

Created by Dentsu and Firstborn (@firstborn_nyc).

Site here…

Under Armour – I Will

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Site for Under Armour, sports clothing – another long scrolling site with lots of depth. You scroll through various people doing sports, wearing the clothes and equipment – copy floats on the highest level, background on the lowest – with a line running through the site with images / video scrolling down along with it. Large bold typography really adds to the impact. Nice transitions, cool scrolling effect and animations – all wrapped up in a nice design.

Created by Firstborn (@firstborn_nyc).

Site here…