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November | 2016 | NICE!

Monthly Archives: November 2016

BMW Paris Motorshow

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Site documenting the BMW presence at the Paris Motorshow. In depth 360 degree photospheres showing the range of BMW cars – love that you can jump inside the cars and see the cockpit view. Sweet transitions when looking at the details of the cars / model detail, nice way of mapping the view of the motorshow and highlight additional information. Love the 3D map of the exhibition space that allows you to jump around, loads of details and thoroughly polished experience.

Created by 84.Paris (@84Paris_live).

Site here…

Liam Ricketts

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Site of London based photographer Liam Ricketts. Interesting wavy fabric based header image, revealing an elegant site to explore the photographer’s folio. Love the rollover effect which isolates particular projects, but love the horizontal scrolling mechanic even more. Nicely implemented – with offset grid of images and supporting text, like how once scrolled to end the next suggestion is suggested. Refreshing, clean and modern photographers site – nice.

Created by Jack Wild (@isjackwild).

Site here…

Pell Mell

By | @FlyCherAmi | No Comments


Site for UK & France based collective of artists and illustrators. Great collection of work – nice homepage carousel – love the dots with the circle growing around to show time between the carousel cycling. Colourful design that mirrors the colourful work – transitions between each section and pages are fun and playful. Nice and fun body of work in a simple and easy to use wrapper.

Created by Cher Ami (@FlyCherAmi).

Site here…

Citroen Origins

By | @WerkstattParis | No Comments


Site documenting some of Citroen’s most iconic cars. Love the immersive app like approach – with an exploratory interface that encourages deep dives into the content. Lots of great content, sounds of the cars starting, brochures, posters, photography and specs. Nice use of 360 renders – from both the exterior and the interior. A lovingly crafted and in-depth experience that looks great and works well.

Created by Werkstatt (@WerkstattParis).

Site here…

Vincent Tavano

By | @webdesign | No Comments


Site for freelance Art Director & Designer. Simple type based home screen, on rollover large imagery represents the project. Slide in panel appears on click reveals nice layouts and designs for each project. Nice body of work, wrapped up in a slick and nicely designed site.

Site here…

Eye of the Stormers

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Love this companion site for Bastille’s new album ‘Wild World’. In a collaboration with Spotify this site maps the cities streaming the album and creates 3D ‘storms’ that represent the activity in those cities. Beautifully executed and playful site, that simply shows a world of activity and movement. Nice idea and fun to play with.

Created by Active Theory (@active_theory).

Site here…