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Gif My Live

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Retrospective of live musical moments for a spectrum of emotions from rage, melancholy to passion. Watch the videos and hear the music of various acts and bands – wrapped up in a fun explorative interface. Love the elastic rollovers and the nice feeling of depth on the homepage – lots of small playful moments. Love the bold typographic style and splashes of colour.

Created by Bonhomme (@BonhommeParis).

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Site for Priestly, creative agency based in Oregon. Stripped back web site with typography led layout, pared back to the essentials. Really simple and effective, and nicely considered – really like the typographic approach and the sticky elements when reading the content.

Created by Camp Quiet (@campquiet).

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A World of Belonging

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Short and sweet promo for Air BnB showing a globe with all the Air BnB activity going on today. Love the 3d globe with lots of nice little animations of people checking in, snippets about certain locations, and geo located tweets with their #OneLessStranger tag. Nice little branding piece that just highlights how global Air BnB is – it looks nice and matches the style of the newly rebranded Air BnB.

Created by Tool of NA (@ToolofNA).

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Dream and Reach

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Site for Bose the speaker and electronics creators. Focussing on what makes up Bose, from their history through to their innovations. Presented in an interesting almost encyclopaedic way, with individual chapters with an app like appearance. Lots of nice little transitions and animations which lift the content and make it feel so much more dynamic. Love all the diagrams and the short snippets of video that really illustrate the content well. Nice work.

Created by MediaMonks (@mediamonks).

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The Vanishing Game

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Interesting approach for Land Rover USA, an interactive story written by author William Boyd. Featuring a montage of audio and visuals, telling the story of a man in his 30s given a mysterious chance job to drive a Land Rover to Scotland. Some nice basic interactivity and nicely put together to provide a compelling story – relying on the audience’s captivation the story is divided into 8 parts. A bold approach to interactive storytelling which works nicely.

Created by Y&R New York (@YRNY) and Tool (@ToolofNA).

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The DNA Project

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Fascinating site for j.views, documenting the creation of the new album. Brilliant insight into how the artist creates new music, from sources of inspiration to soundbites and video clips. Not only a great idea, but executed beautifully – a very exploratory interface with elements animating i.e. waveforms in a hexagonal pattern to represent sound recordings, and a timeline approach. Love the look and feel and all of the small details that breathe in life and dynamism. The DNA view is mental! But harks back to the day of more experimental interfaces and experiences – which ties in hand in hand with the concept.

Created by Hello Monday (@hellomondaycom).

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Site for Rosewater, a film about BBC documentary maker. Nicely designed with full screen video background and typographic overlays – offering insight into the film and the characters. Really nice transitions and text effects that bring a touch of movement and dynamism to the layout. I like the background music and the typographic heavy approach, the short clips and details for each theme works well too. Another lovely site from Watson D/G.

Created by Watson D/G (@watsondg).

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