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Big Youth

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Site of French based digital agency Big Youth. Colourful and playful site with well crafted case studies showcasing their range of work. I love how each of the key case studies are custom crafted to represent the brand they worked on. Some nice playful elements on the homepage that trigger full screen 3D moments highlighting their 3D WebGL skills. Nice little UI moments dotted throughout the experience and gorgeous transitions that inject life into the site. Great example of a modern agency site.

Created by Big Youth (@big_youth).

Site here…

Wind and Words

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Beautiful site and data vis of the words and dialogue from Game of Thrones. Divided by each of the seasons, each with their own custom ambience, you can dive into the relationships between the characters and explore the data. Love the various ways they have visualized the data, one chart showing the amount of dialogue and who they spoke to, another showing the sentiment, one allows you to explore the words, and another shows types of words with a more graphic approach. The level of polish and detail is amazing, from particle effects, fantastic imagery, to nice type – you can tell they have poured heart and soul into this project – and it shows. All of the design is lifted by transitions and animations that add a dynamic element to the experience.

Created by Impossible Bureau (@WeAreImpossible).

Site here…

Google Arts & Culture Experiments

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Site showing a series of experiments combining the huge database of art collected by Google and creative technology to show some great experiments. Shows collaborations with some amazing digital artists and programmers. Some really cool stuff here, allowing you to explore the range of art by interesting means – from huge 3D spaces, to machine learning interpretation, visual similarity. Great way of shining a light on the range of art Google has catalogued in fresh and modern ways.

Created by Google Arts & Culture (@googlearts).

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Through the Dark

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Beautiful experience and collaboration with Google Play Music and Hilltop Hoods. Through The Dark was written by Dan Smith for his son Liam, who was diagnosed with leukaemia at eight years old. The site takes you through an interactive 3D music video – using the scroll mechanic to change the position of your view. On mobile your accelerometer performs same task. Your view transitions between the light and the dark of the world, each view with subtly different perspectives of the same scene, light representing hope and the dark, fear. Love the simple mechanic and the stunning use of 3D to draw you in. Beautiful idea brought to life in a fantastic way.

Created by R/GA Sydney (@RGA).

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More and More

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Site of London based More and More a motion and design studio. Reel upfront followed by case study thumbnails all with nice looping motion so in a full scrolls you get the picture of what they do. Click into a project and you get a case study with lovely detailed moments of the design / motion work. Love the way you can zoom into a project, click and drag to cycle through the work and scroll to go back to previous screen – very simple and elegant mechanic. Lovely work, great site.

Created by Stefan Endress (@stefanendress) and Unfun (@buero_unfun).

Site here…

Lionel Durimel

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One of the nicest portfolio sites i’ve seen for a long time – Art Director / Designer based in France – Lionel Durimel. Love the homescreen – on rollover the specific project thumbnail slides in and the background fades to a complimentary colour. Enter a project and explore the details – love the absolute elegant simplicity – inline animations / video – details and full layouts. When you have reached the end of the case study the next one sides in from right and the next patch of project details appears. The minimal design and layout is lifted by the addition of small details – the transitions, progress bar at top, the awesome scroll effect that skews the type and images based on scroll velocity – (and the url). Fresh, modern, fantastic portfolio.

Created by Lionel Durimel (@lioneldurimel) and Kevin Boudot (@kevinboudot).

Site here…