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Promo site for the new movie Ladybird. Featuring a personality quiz with a fun gestural interface with a stack of cards you drag to denote choice. Beautifully design and art direction, full of transitions, animations, and fun interactions.

Created by Watson/DG (@watsondg).

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Site of School, a Japanese creative collective/agency. Nicely crafted body of work wrapped in a modern site full of nice interactions, transitions, and animations. Super smooth and pretty damn slick.

Created by School.

Site here…

Ultra Studio

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Site of UK based motion design studio Ultra Studio. Minimal approach, rollover the labels to get a thumb behind the type. Tap on the project – lovely transition to play the video – simple stripped back interface that lets the content shine. Love the colour transition and the subtle and slick animations.

Created by Second Cousins (@jakedowsmith).

Site here…

A foreigners guide to Polish arts

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Nice dive into some of the Polish arts, lovingly titled ‘A foreigners guide to’. Several interactive guides take you through the history of Polish cinema, photography and electronic music. Using a mixture of bold type, vibrant hints of colour and b&w photography to bring stories to life. There is a lot of polish and detail throughout, many transitions and animations to bring the content alive – love the mix of interactive moments such as timelines and so on – you can tell it has been a real labour of love.

Created by Bright Media (@brightmediapl).

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Albedo Absolute

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Teaser site for new film Albedo Absolute. Love the 3D scrolling which morphs the background of the site and provides a unique perspective as you scroll down. With a relatively small amount of content they have created something quite compelling with lovely sound design too.

Created by VGNC (@vgnc).

Site here…

Law of the Jungle

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Site promoting the launch of the new Jungle Book film. Featuring lovely bold type, background video and – deeper in the site – beautifully created 3D illustrated scenes. Love the transitions and lots of attention to detail, beautifully crafted and nicely executed when you consider it is essentially a really well skinned Tumblr blog.

Created by Watson D/G (@watsondg).

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Lovely site for creative production agency Onirim. Lovely scrolling and masking transitions from section to section with bold typography and inline video. Beautifully designed, with nice attention to detail and lots of cool transitions and animations – love the directors/photographers page with colour hits on rollover which injects personality into a monotone design. Great example of a modern, slick, and beautiful agency site.

Created by Immersive Garden (@Immersive_g).

Site here…

Our Brand is Crisis

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Site promoting the new film Our Brand is Crisis. Beautifully designed, with a cool navigation mechanic – sliding panels bring in more info when needed. Love the full screen video and bold type driven layout. Cool integration of a Tumblr blog too – fun and great looking site.

Created by Watson/DG (@watsondg).

Site here…

Kid. Studio

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Site of Toronto based creative agency Kid. Studio. Fun homepage with nicely treated visuals that rotate around in 3D space linking to the relevant project with nicely implemented parallax effect on scroll. Minimal layout and monotone styling with nice details, like the Ken preloader, finish this agencies folio.

Created by 56 (@fifty6studio).

Site here…

Ryoji Yamada

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Site of Japanese animator Ryoji Yamada. Love how the site starts, with flickering animations that spool up and represent the old zoetrope, eventually giving a vertically scrolling montage of the films. Click on a film and you see it in-situ. Love how the execution really reflects the medium.

Created by Ryoji Yamada (@ryojiyamada).

Site here…

Julien Belmonte

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Elegant site for Julien Belmonte, film director and designer. Featuring a simple and intuitive video scrubbing integration, which is simply your mouse cursor position. The homepage is just one long strip of videos, tap on one video and it expands. Nice transitions and smooth animation, with a really simple and elegant mechanic which lets the content do the talking.

Created by Johnathan de Costa (@jonathandc) and Make Me Pulse (@makemepulse).

Site here…


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Stunning site promoting a new movie about the musician Amy Winehouse. Divided into main themes about her life brought to life with full screen video and imagery. Love the typography and quotes, with a well designed layout – the menu also looks great. Full of little animations and transitions that ease you through each section. Really great example of a film site…

Created by Watson/DG (@watsondg).

Site here…