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Interactive music video for LCD Sound System’s latest tune. WebVR enabled, put it on your device and experience a FPS of a ball floating through a series of 3D scenes that react to the music. You can select other characters to see their perspective too, on desktop you can toggle between the views. Lot of fun, nice concept well executed.

Created by Studio Moniker (@studiomoniker) and Google Data Arts (@google)

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Random Studio

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Site of Amsterdam based creative studio Random. Lovely minimal and editorial style layout flowing into project case studies that sit above the site, with smart next project / project view interactions. Love all the small 3D details, particularly the interesting floating ball to 3D photosphere video of the studio. Nice modern agency site…

Created by Random Studio (@random_studio).

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Site of Amsterdam music venue Paradiso, where you can buy tickets and see the line up. Matching the visual style of the venue itself it is a natural extension into the digital space. Love the poster style layout followed by a quick and simple ticketing system. Nice bold art direction lots of large type and slick transitions.

Created by Bravoure (@bravouremedia).

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You Matter

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The self proclaimed digital Manifesto of Accademia del Lusso. An audio visual experience transforming 3D shapes to characters alongside a pastiche of typography and imagery, nicely crafted mixture of 3D elements and design element.

Created by Uprising (@uprsg).
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