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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Sang Han

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Portfolio of digital creative Sang Han. Nice, simple, responsive portfolio site, with a lot of work to explore. Direct and to the point, the wrapper lets the work do the talking, with nicely selected pieces of work highlighted. Nice to see some personality come through with the ‘life’ section too.  Good example of a modern, clean, portfolio site.

Created by Exlir818, and Sang Han (@sanghan_).

Site here…

Where is Danny Torrance?

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Site promoting Stephen King’s new book ‘Doctor Sleep’, the sequel to the Shining. Lots of windows revealing different scenes from the book, quite a cinematic experience – from doors animating down corridors, driving scenes – to hacked javascript glitching – it all creates a tense mood. Its been a while since i’ve seen multi-windowed story telling – and this is a great example. If you hook up your phone to the same network you can have a dual-screen experience – use your mobile screen to unlock a door and so on, it adds an extra layer of interactivity and story telling. Really nice, interactive, and unexpected execution of a promo site for a book.

Created by Domani Studios (@domanistudios).

Site here…

24 Hours of Happy

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Music video of Pharrell Williams – Happy. Really simple and elegant – 24 hours of people dancing to the track – all throughout the various periods of the day. You can click and drag around the wheel to jump to different times – with the keyframes sliding around behind the time wheel. Love the interface, really useful, intuitive and looks great – I also love the concept – just a great idea and a great execution of digital work – no one is going to sit through a 24 hour long music video, but interactive makes this easy.

Created by We are from L.A. (@wearefromLA) & Iconoclast Interactive (@iconoclast_i).

Site here…

This Place

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Lovely site ‘This Place’, described as “Everyone has a special place–a spot on earth you hold close to your heart. Like the town where you grew up or met the one you love. The cove where you learned to surf. The secret mountain hideaway where you go to find yourself.” In this first version, the coast of Oregon is explored through quotes and photography. Lots of lovely videos and photography – and a unique way of going through the photos as you scroll down – it all happens within the mask of the image – a really nice touch. Lovely typography and layout – really nicely designed and lots of nice touches, animations and transitions. And its even responsive as well!

Created by Instrument (@instrument).

Site here…

Proper Code

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Site of creative developer Santi Grau, showcasing his portfolio. Lovely range of work from ‘sonic typefaces’, to 3d avatar generators, to commercial sites. A developer with a very keen creative eye, the projects are neatly wrapped up in minimal interface and explained very simply, like the mechanic on the project level navigation – when you scroll the circle scrolls with you. Really nice set of experimental work mixed in with some nice commercial projects.

Created by Santi Grau.

Site here…