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McColl Center

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Lovely responsive site for the McColl Center, which is a center “for Art + Innovation empowers artists to advance community through the creative process.” this is their site. Looking more like a design magazine it is beautifully designed – from the typography to the layout and photography, all feeling very fresh. Proof that responsive design does not have to be boring and boxy.

Created by Studiobanks (@studiobanks).

Site here…

Stylepit S/S14

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Short and sweet lookbook of Danish fashion brand Stylepit. A slow motion video scene of a train pulling into station, your view looking onto the platform and seeing a diverse range of people wearing the products. You can click and drag the scene to change your view – and see more people and clothing. Really nice simple idea and fun execution and it looks great.

Created by UncleGrey (@uncle_grey) and B-Reel (@B__REEL).

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Lovely new site for Jam3, Toronto based digital agency. Fully responsive, but the desktop variant is alive with lots of animations and transitions that bring to life a lot of the work. So much attention to detail and craft has gone into and it shows! The project pages are interesting and well formatted, and the animations bring it life. Lovely, dynamic example of a responsive agency site.

Created by Jam3 (@jam3).

Site here…

Quechua – S/S 2014

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Site for Quechua and a lookbook for their S/S collection 2014 of outdoor clothing. Shown from a video perspective in different locations in New Zealand, watching the videos heroes the clothing and equipment on offer – clicking at any time shows the list of equipment on offer. Love all the transitions and attention to detail and so on, such as the homepage and the slide out menu everything feels slick and well put together.

Created by Akaru (@Akaru_Agency).

Site here…


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Site from Chris Wang, a designer & art director, created to showcase his photography. Looks great and is full of elegant animations and transitions, love the typographic masking on the homepage. Lot of nice touches that bring to life the photography, love the preloader for each of the sections while the images in the set load, and again the transitions between the photos. Top class stuff…

Created by Chris Wang (@__chriswang).

Site here…


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Portfolio of ‘Zulu’ a creative developer. Super simple and minimal, brought to life with slick animations and transitions. Love the way the projects appear and you can cycle through each of them, he has got a keen eye for animation and it all feels very polished.

Created by Zulfeekar (@zulfeekar).

Site here…


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Site of CROWD, a Barcelona and London based studio that have a diverse body of work. Very colourful and bold styling, and a very simple site that links out to Behance projects or has embedded Vimeo videos. Nice to see something a bit different for a agency portfolio.

Site here…