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Ibis Expedition – The Ultimate Sleep

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Interesting idea – to take the an Ibis Hotel bed to the summit of ‘Devil’s Mountain’ for the ultimate night’s sleep. Following a format of a travel / expedition short film – with an interactive timeline, extras and a really cool 3d map. It is a surprisingly sophisticated interactive experience considering the client and subject matter – with loads of transitions / sliding panels / and cool animations. A fantastic example of a modern, sophisticated interactive film.

Created by BETC Digital (@betcdigital) and Anonymous (@anonymous_paris).

Site here…

Graffiti General

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Site allowing you to explore an abandoned graffiti clad building in a suburb of Paris. Hi-res photos have been taken of the walls and mapped onto 3d models of the interior, the site allows you to walk around and your mouse to change your view with the keyboard controlling where you walk. There are featured famous graffiti artists with small hotspots indicating where they are. Nice attention to detail in the 3d scenes, with light streams, and dust particles and so on. You can jump around and explore using the map, and even paint on the walls in an editor type mode. Very detailed and fun to explore.

Created by BETC Digital (@betcdigital).

Site here…