District 13

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Site promoting ‘Mocking Jay’ the latest film in the Hunger Games film/book saga. Hooking up your phone to the browser you can play some small puzzles on your phone to ‘hack’ content – games that uses your phones tilt and motion sensors – really nicely synchronised. You unlock key sections of content to reveal a larger picture of what the film is all about. Lovely glitch effects and again lovely design by Watson D/G, nice typography and futuristic look and feel. Nice bit of fun…

Created by Watson D/G (@watsondg).

Site here…

Destiny Planet View

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destiny-1 destiny-2 destiny-3 destiny-4

Fun site for new video game ‘Destiny’ – game set in the future with a sci-fi interplanetary edge. Starting from a Google Earth view of where you are and zooming out to space – allowing you to choose which planet to explore. Love the streetview-esque spin on the scenes where you explore the kind of people you might find on each planet, all a nice bit of fun. Nice way to bring to life the game a little – and provides way more engagement and excitement than the atypical long scrolling page.

Created by 72andSunny (@72andsunny) and MediaMonks (@mediamonks).

Site here…

ctOS – Watch Dogs

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Micro site to promote the new game ‘Watch Dogs’ through a psuedo real site of the city wide security operating system shown in the game. Brought to life through animated info graphics, animation, and transitions. In a similar vein to the Meet Your MX site where a whole world is created around a product or service. Looks good and is a nice use of animation and an interesting approach to promoting a new computer game.

Created by Ignition Creative (@igntn).

Site here…

Gran Turismo 6 – First Love

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Nice video site promoting the new Gran Turismo 6 game. From the perspective of Mario Andretti famous driver, and his first love for a special car – the Hudson. Nice video story, with a nice full screen experience with sliding panels showing chapters and so on. Like the way the menus appear – smooth transitions to and from the main screen showing the main story.

Created by BBH New York (@BBHNewYork) and Tool of NA (@ToolofNA).

Site here…


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Nice little promo for a game available on the app store. Physics based, multiplayer, drag and drop game – using a bizarre multi coloured character! Click on the box to connect it to the character, and drag around to carry the box to open a trap door. Really intuitive and fun to play around with.

Created by Etter Studio (@etterstudio).

Site here…


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Site promoting new Ubisoft game ‘Watchdogs’ an action/adventure game set in the modern age of communication and data. This site pulls in public live data from lots of different sources such as Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, transport grids, phone mast locations, cctv etc etc – and plots it all on a series of 3d maps across London, Paris and Berlin. The detail is quite incredible, featuring moving trains, phone networks, twitter messages, all in a 3d interface which moves nicely as you click and drag around the map. It really gives the impression of the amount of data in the world around us – all nicely colour coded and with icons to tell the differences between each bit of information. It looks really cool too – with the dark background and glowing icons and drawing lines – when you pan the buildings are draw all in 3d boxes, with particles at different heights giving that illusion of depth. A very cool site – all built in Flash –  full of interactivity and dynamic information rendered in a 3d map!

Created by BETC Paris, (@BETCParis).

Site here…

Nitrocharge your game – Adidas

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Site promoting the new Adidas football boot – via an interactive game which you can play connected to your phone. Through a series of timed gestures you control the sequence of clips highlighting features of the boot. Loads of cool effects and rollover states and attention to detail and clever behind the scenes work make this a really nice interactive experience.

Created by DDB & Tribal Amsterdam (@DDBTribal_AMS).

Site here…

Tricky Tracks

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Really fun game site allowing you to play with a model train set – all recreated in 3d  with Unity3d. Really simple minimal design & interface, with highly detailed 3d sets that you can rotate, zoom and pan around. Love all the various effects on the maps – such as the depth of field, the lens flares, tilt shift and so on.

Created by Maxomedia.

Site here…

Google Cube

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Nice site highlighting Google Maps and its latest abilities. Using a 3d map you move your cursor to change the position to move a rolling ball through cities such as New York, London and Tokyo, each time showing a feature of Google Maps such as tube times and so on. Really nice WebGL 3d, and beautifully done and designed – all fun to use to and very Google.

Created by B-Reel.

Site here…

Shoes for Life – Aldo

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Fun upbeat site promoting Aldo’s A/W 2011 range of footwear. Simple promotion – play 3 short games – i.e. pick a lucky shoe, and if you win all 3 you get a discount and might win ‘shoes for life’. Really simple site, but a lot of fun – brought to life by sound, music, and animation. Nicely put together and designed with a real emphasis on an upbeat and fun look and feel.

Created by Skinny and B-Reel.

Site here…


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Loosely promoting Adidas Skin Protection, the site is essentially a football game utilising Twitter. The more followers you have the more powerful you are – you can play other Twitter users or the computer. Really simple game using the spacebar to build up power. Really mad art direction akin to an arthouse animation film with crazy animation and sinister sound fx. They have made something quite simple into something fascinating simply through the mad execution!

Created by HAKUHODO, mount inc, iret, and ARMZ inc.

Site here…

The Planet Zero – Nissan

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Beautiful site promoting Nissan’s ideas of a zero emissions future. Featuring an interactive 3d world  full of cute characters featuring interactive demos of how renewable energy can be used, all through the control of a small plug like character – you explore the world as you wish. Very similar to the stunning ‘Ecodazoo’, it is in fact directed by the same guy ROKIX. I love the way you control the main character and the 3d world is beautifully realised as are the characters. Incredible attention to detail and amazingly crafted and fun to use – all in all amazing.

Created by ROXIK, ENJIN, and Dwarf.

Site here…

Pica Pic

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Incredible detailed site that is like an interactive museum of the old handheld games. I can only imagine the amount of time and effort that has gone into this amazing creation. They have taken high res photos and reproduced the games down to the sounds for each game – really amazing.

Crafted by Hipopotam Studio.

Site here…

Edding Wall of Fame

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Site from Edding markers and pens, essentially a huge whiteboard where people can leave their creation using the range of edding pens. The great feature is that it is all in real time with other people, you can watch people draw, interfere or leave comments, there are several pens – only one type can be used at a time. The result is fantastic – the best example of it’s kind yet. It is also amazing to see the quality of the drawings – many are fantastic. Great full screen, simple useful interface and extremely well realised.

Created by kempertrautmann and demodern.

Site here…