Oat the Goat

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Interactive storybook featuring the adventures of Oat the Goat – tackling the topic of bullying. Beautifully crafted story and imagined 3D world – with simple tap based interactivity to make choices along the way. Love all the sound effects, music and dialogue – great attention to detail throughout. Nice way of broaching the topic of bullying through a wonderful and charming interactive story.

Created by Assembly (@_Assembly) & FCB New Zealand (@FCBNZ).

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World Draw

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Fun multi-player drawing game, where quick doodles are turned into 3D objects placed into a co-created 3D world. Created for Google’s i/o 2018 in Mountain View as the fun follow up to the Paper planes from the previous i/o. First of all the doodle recognition to a range of objects is great, and love the lively and fresh transformation to the 3D shape. Once created your doodle goes into the co-created world for you to explore in a rich 3D world.

Created by Active Theory (@active_theory).

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Lovely site for speciality book store in Amsterdam – described as “A candy store for book aficionados”. Bold type, and large imagery funnel the viewer down the page with a mixture of editorial, curated, and book suggestions. Some really nice features here with smooth transitions and a great attention to detail. Love the preloader and new page slide in representing a new page – nice link back to the printed medium. On top of this it looks lovely, well designed and interesting layouts that really life the experience.

Created by Build in Amsterdam (@buildinams).

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Through the Dark

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Beautiful experience and collaboration with Google Play Music and Hilltop Hoods. Through The Dark was written by Dan Smith for his son Liam, who was diagnosed with leukaemia at eight years old. The site takes you through an interactive 3D music video – using the scroll mechanic to change the position of your view. On mobile your accelerometer performs same task. Your view transitions between the light and the dark of the world, each view with subtly different perspectives of the same scene, light representing hope and the dark, fear. Love the simple mechanic and the stunning use of 3D to draw you in. Beautiful idea brought to life in a fantastic way.

Created by R/GA Sydney (@RGA).

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Lynn Schmidt

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Ultra minimal and stylish site for fashion photography stylist Lynn Schmidt. Love the elegant simplicity and offset grid – so simple – tap on the image to cycle through images for that project. Simple slide out menu, easy to use, and works great on mobile too.

Created by OFF.

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Beoplay H5

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Another lovely B&O site, this time promoting their new wireless in ear headphones. Love the small interactive moments that tell the story and pull out the key features in a playful way. Nice design and interesting photography and location choice too – interesting moments of video scrubbing on scroll. Nice modern one-pager that pulls out all the details that users will find interesting wrapped in a nice to explore experience.

Created by B-Reel (@b__reel).

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Love Fila

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Site showcasing the collaboration of FILA and Marion Bartoli. A limited edition collection is shown through a series of colourful transitions and interactivity that showcase the range. Nice touches include the thumbnails for colourways that cycle over time, love the art direction and colour. Fun playful way to inject a lot of personality into the experience.

Created by Domani Studios (@domanistudios).

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Site for UK based digital agency Cuberto. Full of slick transitions and nice interaction details that reveals a nice body of work spanning mobile web and native apps. Like the video headers that transition seamlessly into the project case studies. It looks great, with well considered typography and nice layout to create a fresh and modern agency folio.

Created by Cuberto (@cuberto).

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Lovely refresh of global agency Stinkdigital’s website. Clean and fresh and fast, the site shows a great folio of work. Love the transitions from page to page and pleasing gradients that accompany them, nice detail on the project pages with a mix of animated gifs, video content, and imagery. Really like the about page, and love the way they represented the different offices timezones is a smart and playful way.

Created by Stinkdigital (@stinkdigital).

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Site for digital first agency Locomotive based in Canada. Full of transitions and animations, I love the diversity of the layouts for the project pages. Each project has its own colour palette which transitions when you visit other sections. I love the energy in each of the sections, from the fun ‘play’ section of the site to the detail when you reach the end of a case study – love the colour fade. Full of detail and beautifully designed, great example of a modern agency site.

Created by Locomotive (@LocomotiveMTL).

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Site for digital agency and research group Consortia. Lovely scrolling intro that pulls apart the logo and dives you into their lovely folio of work. Simple interactivity that splits the page to reveal the project detail in-situ. The component parts of the logo follow you down the page and add a nice element of depth.

Created by Lucas Lind.

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Site of LA based digital agency HAUS. Nice animated intros to each project, with nice level of detail for each of the project pages. Lots of nice details that elevate – such as the contact page where you can play a game on the map, the menu page with awesome bg animations. All in all a well designed and executed modern agency site with lots of personality.

Created by HAUS (@madeinhaus).

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