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Site promoting the US Army and recruitment for STEM capabilities (science, technology, engineering, math). With a futuristic 3D look and feel you can play a series of challenges that map back to STEM such as guiding a drone over a landscape, decrypting codes and so on. Execution is superb, with the whole world rendered in 3D – landscapes, details, and interactions – the ‘path clearing’ is a great example. Love the look and feel of the site – very impressive, and it also works nicely on mobile.

Created by Tool (@ToolofNA).

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Well Storied

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Collating social media posts from Land Rover owners and drivers, mapping it and classifying it into an exploratory interface. Love the visual treatment of the map and minimal interface, filter by tag or just explore all the posts. Nicely crafted with interactions and transitions that add to the experience.

Created by Tool (@ToolofNA) and Y&R (@YRNY).

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A World of Belonging

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Short and sweet promo for Air BnB showing a globe with all the Air BnB activity going on today. Love the 3d globe with lots of nice little animations of people checking in, snippets about certain locations, and geo located tweets with their #OneLessStranger tag. Nice little branding piece that just highlights how global Air BnB is – it looks nice and matches the style of the newly rebranded Air BnB.

Created by Tool of NA (@ToolofNA).

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The Vanishing Game

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Interesting approach for Land Rover USA, an interactive story written by author William Boyd. Featuring a montage of audio and visuals, telling the story of a man in his 30s given a mysterious chance job to drive a Land Rover to Scotland. Some nice basic interactivity and nicely put together to provide a compelling story – relying on the audience’s captivation the story is divided into 8 parts. A bold approach to interactive storytelling which works nicely.

Created by Y&R New York (@YRNY) and Tool (@ToolofNA).

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Gran Turismo 6 – First Love

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Nice video site promoting the new Gran Turismo 6 game. From the perspective of Mario Andretti famous driver, and his first love for a special car – the Hudson. Nice video story, with a nice full screen experience with sliding panels showing chapters and so on. Like the way the menus appear – smooth transitions to and from the main screen showing the main story.

Created by BBH New York (@BBHNewYork) and Tool of NA (@ToolofNA).

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