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Site of Toga Japanese fashion label. Super minimal design and functionality, but with the Japanese aesthetic appeal throughout which elevates the overall feel of the site. Elegant selection of photography, love the views of the whole range which offers a great summary of the collection.

Site here…

Ankoku Toshi Jutsu – Adidas

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Promo site of a collaboration of Adidas and Good Will Out to create a ninja inspired sneaker in all black. Film and imagery heavy in an all black style art direction the feel of the shoe drips with Japanese style. Exploratory style site featuring the shoe and a few accessories in a slick and well designed site.

Created by Adidas (@adidas) and Dayy.

Site here…

Betak Book

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Awesome site promoting the new Betak book from Phaidon. Love the way the video is masked into the book pages as you scroll through the site. Interesting and engaging way of promoting a book. Lots of nice small details, love the way your cursor changes based on link context.

Created by Cher Ami (@FlyCherAmi).

Site here…

Fanny Myard

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Site of Belgium based stylist Fanny Myard. Featuring her collections and collaborations in a nice bold format. Love the colour in the background reflected in the imagery. Nicely side scrolling collection of photography which reveals with an animated mask. Love all the slick and seamless transitions that are dotted throughout the interactions. Nicely crafted and looks great.

Created by Patrick Heng (@Pat_Hg) and Robin Mastromarino (@cherwoood).

Site here…

Olivier Lapidus

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Site of French based couture designer Olivier Lapidus. Nice fresh take on the fashion range site, explore the line up, and see the detail for each piece. Detail view is fantastic, scroll down and the model to the left rotates, with video and detail scrolling up to add depth. Love the “you might like” section and quick links to explore similar dresses. Nicely crafted and executed full of slick transitions and animation.

Created by Werkstatt (@WerkstattParis).

Site here…


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Site of fashion designer Ulrik Martin Larsen. Featuring the clothing on people wearing dark body suits – really lets the clothing and the artworks combine. Love the mixture of videos and imagery for each of the projects, and the way the interface transitions seamlessly – some interesting navigation patterns in use here.

Created by PutPut (@stephanfriedli).

Site here…

Slam Look Book

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Slam’s lookbook for 2017 – Italian sailing wear brand. Being a lookbook its heavy on the imagery and design – love the bold type and masked images that transition nicely on scroll. Interesting UI element that follows your cursor and changes context on rollover on certain segments of the site.

Created by Adoratorio (@adoratorio_cc).

Site here…

Maison Ullens

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Lovely site for label Maison Ullens. Beautifully designed with an elegant scrolling mechanic to discover the labels range. Love all the seamless transitions from one page to the other and the detail view for each item, that lets you cycle through the range easily. Lots of small and thoughtful animations, transitions and interactions that provide a sophisticated and refined experience.

Created by We Are Period (@WeArePeriod).

Site here…

Love Fila

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Site showcasing the collaboration of FILA and Marion Bartoli. A limited edition collection is shown through a series of colourful transitions and interactivity that showcase the range. Nice touches include the thumbnails for colourways that cycle over time, love the art direction and colour. Fun playful way to inject a lot of personality into the experience.

Created by Domani Studios (@domanistudios).

Site here…

Adidas Climazone

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Site promoting Adidas Climazone range of clothing. Nicely designed long scrolling page, lovely use of texture and typography and lots of depth with the subtle parallax effect. Love use of photography, and love the simplicity of the carousels. It looks great on mobile too.

Created by Resn (@resn_has_no_i).

Site here…