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Wind and Words

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Beautiful site and data vis of the words and dialogue from Game of Thrones. Divided by each of the seasons, each with their own custom ambience, you can dive into the relationships between the characters and explore the data. Love the various ways they have visualized the data, one chart showing the amount of dialogue and who they spoke to, another showing the sentiment, one allows you to explore the words, and another shows types of words with a more graphic approach. The level of polish and detail is amazing, from particle effects, fantastic imagery, to nice type – you can tell they have poured heart and soul into this project – and it shows. All of the design is lifted by transitions and animations that add a dynamic element to the experience.

Created by Impossible Bureau (@WeAreImpossible).

Site here…

The Witnesses

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Promo site for new French TV programme “The Witnesses”. Set in a crime scene where you pan your first person viewpoint across a crime scene accompanied by the cast of the show. Find clues – lovely draggable 3D objects – to help unravel the scene. Nice moody and dark look and feel, brought to live through slick animations and transitions and a bit of help from some 3D effects. Well crafted and immersive experience.

Created by HKI HelloHikimori (@hellohikimori).

Site here…

Tokyo Mild Foundation

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Site of Tokyo Mild Foundation, Japanese film producers. Minimal layout and dark look and feel shows the projects on offer – stripped back and simple. Some nice transitions and some cute details bring it all to life, I like the slide out menu from the left and the ‘member’ section is nicely done.

Created by LIG Inc. (@LIG_J).

Site here…

Meet Your MX

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Promotional site for new TV show ‘Almost Human’ a cop show set in the future. Featuring a ‘realistic’ look at the ‘MX’ model of the cybernetic cop. Love all of the little details, such as the animated movie hotspots and the nice page navigation. Cool little info-graphics and little interactive touches and things to explore. Really like the layout and although it’s another example of scrolling page design – it’s a really good one!

Created by Watson /DG (@watsondg).

Site here…

Perfect Storms

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A micro site accompanying the History Channel’s ‘Perfect Storms’ tv show. A series of scenarios depicting the ‘perfect storm’ from Tokyo to Constantinople – you learn about what created these storms by a number of interactive scenes – for example fragging warm air across the atlantic and so on. Its a nice device to learn about how these storms are created and more more engaging than simply reading a paragraph about it. Some nice effects here and there and CGI heavy video scenes tie it all together.

Created by Secret Location (@secretlocation) and Entertainment One (@entonegroup).

Site here…

Magic City

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Magic City

Magic City

Magic City


Site promoting French TV’s OCS Max channel and a new show ‘Magic City’, set in 1950s Miami. This site is really pushing the boundaries of what is possible right now using CSS/Javascript – it truly is a rich experience. Dotted with animations from entering/exiting the elevator to parallax movement linked to your mouse position, videos, sound it is hard to believe it is not Flash. Essentially you move from floor to floor via an elevator, to explore the scenes and look at the characters. Looks good, loads of animation and a rich experience.

Created by Hellohikimori (@hellohikimori).

Site here…

Les Revenants

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Canal+ site promoting new series Les Revenants – again with the 360 drag to view mechanism. What I really like here is the feeling of depth and quality of the scenes, it really feels very immersive. You explore various locations and meet some of the characters from the series – the way they have placed video inside the scene is fantastic – with characters closer to you appearing closer with a kind of parallax effect. Really well crafted and fun to explore…

Created by BETC Paris, @BETCParis.

Site here…


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Site for Daybreak, an online drama series promoting AT&T and their 4G network, presented through a series of sites and an app to provide an alternative reality experience. Love the level of detail across the sites, the vertical scroll which for example shows the sun setting and rising as you scroll, the cool Jackboxer site – loads of animation and great art direction. Really cool sites, that a fun to explore, look great, and work well.

Created by BBDO New York (@BBDONY), and North Kindom (@NorthKingdom).

Site here…

TCM Summer Under The Stars

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Summer Under the Stars is a campaign site promoting TV movie channel TCM’s summer schedule. You able to choose a wealth of famous movie stars such as John Wayne, Rita Hayworth, Marilyn Monroe etc and explore their film history, bio, and so on. Setup as one long page with photos masked off revealing quotes, to a stand out quote treated typographically, content reveals and so on. Load and loads of really nice interactions, animations, and attention to detail – even the pre-loader is really cool.  It all feels like really rich and alive and fun to explore.

Created by One Trick Pony, @1trickpony.

Site here…


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Site promoting Michael Mann’s new show ‘Luck’ in France. Full screen video backgrounds, fast animations, smooth transitions – all wrapped up in a nice design.  Like the way the screen splits diagonally to reveal the new content…

Created by Hellohikimori.

Site here…


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Site promoting the new TV show “Borgia” by Canal+ in France. Incredibly well produced and created immersive site, one of the main features an interactive trailer allowing you to pan around the video 360 degrees and watch the scene almost like a video game. I love the way this 360 video works, so you can pan around and get a real feel for the scene they have created. This is all wrapped up in a nice interface, the other sections such as photos all look great and work. Really nice detailed and well crafted site.

Site here…


Arte Insitu

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An interactive film about art in the cities throughout Europe. You can explore a map of locations, watch individual chapters and add your own chapters. The interface is simple and looks great not getting in the way of the content – I really like the subtle scrolling and the look and feel established on the homepage. Nice project wrapped up in a cool interface.

Site here…


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Site for new French action show ‘XIII’ made be Canal+. Although it is simply a video introduction to the show, the videos are slightly interactive and it all has a nice 3D parallax effect which is fun to play with. Strong black and white design and a nice little site.

Created by BETC Digital and Circus.

Site here…

Track Carlos

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Site promoting the new TV series about ‘Carlos’ a terrorist. Follow the trail of Carlos throughout the world and see where key events happened. Really slick site with incredible execution throughout. Love the 3d globe, clicking zooms in to various locations, similar to Google Earth, to give a montage of material about the event with press clippings, video clips, and so on. The montage itself is nicely laid out and you can pan your view around to reveal more items giving each location a back story. The level of detail is quite incredible, with seamless transitions from the 3d globe to the end scene, well designed, amazing animation and polish, really great work…

Created by BETC Euro RSCG, Douny, and Circus.

Website here…