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Work & Co

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Lovely site for digital agency Work & Co. Detailing their ethos, approach, and body of work in an elegant and effective way. Love the menu toggle – really fresh idea – to zoom out and see all the pages in a form of visual index. Love the splashes of colour here and there and the really nice typography used throughout the site – see the ‘facts’ page. It is responsive and reacts really nice to devices and screen size changes – works really well.

Created by Work & Co (@workandco).

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The Great Human Odyssey

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Online interactive documentary highlighting nomads and their environment. Featuring first person walkthroughs of nomadic people, through their camps, where they hunt and live. Prompts to see videos and imagery pop up allowing you to see more when you want to dive into the detail – a sliding panel arrives with photos, film etc. There is a lot of detail, such as ambient sounds, conversations and insights into these people and their world. Lots of nice transitions, animations, icons and so on – it also looks great and provides an immersive experience.

Created by Overhaul Media (@overhaulmedia).

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ANA Flight Connections

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Branding site for ANA Japanese airline that allows you to visualise your LinkedIn connections and their locations across the world – alongside the routes ANA flies. Love the 3D implementation here, the globe and routes visualised in a really nice way – love the way you zoom into a city and see all of your connections floating around. Nice dashboard features too summarising your connections and LinkedIn profile – lots of nice infographics and attention to detail. It looks great and is well crafted with a host of nice animations, transitions and effects.

Created by Dentsu and Firstborn (@firstborn_nyc).

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House of Borel

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Promo site for fashion brand House of Borel. Featuring a mysterious video walkthrough of small details, clicking on each ‘chapter’ reveals a secret layer behind the video highlighting details about the brand and their range of leather goods. Beautifully crafted, with 3D elements, love the dragging mechanism to scroll through the video – very cool and looks fantastic. Loads of attention to detail, nice sound and music, and really like the layout in the detail pages, full of video, depth and nice content – it all looks and works really great – really well crafted.

Created by blacknegative (@_blacknegative) and Immersive Garden (@Immersive_g).

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Do Amaral A

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Slick portfolio of Brazilian Art Director and Designer Andre Do Amaral. Love the homepage with large bold typography and simple vertically scrolling carousel – click on a project and it transitions to full screen. Feels like a slick well crafted experience, which explains the projects in a very visual way – lots of nice transitions. Lots of very high quality work in there, and all wrapped up in this responsive, slick, and elegant portfolio.

Created by Andre Do Amaral (@oamaral).

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Inside Abbey Road

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Take an interactive journey through the iconic recording studio Abbey Road. Using a custom photo shoot and Google Streetview technology to show the insides of the famous studio. The amount of detail is incredible, from historic photos mapped to your viewpoint, inline videos of musicians, and even an interactive mixing studio. They used high res cameras to take ultra high detail of each panorama – if you read the about page you will really see the amount of detail and technical craftsmanship that has gone into this project. You can get lost exploring the studios and all the different views and snippets of information – it is a real feat and a real pleasure to explore – great piece of work.

Created by Google Creative Lab (@google).

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