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Latest folio from web legend Wefail. Arranged in a surreal and dark 3D world, a bizarre skulled creature walks you through his work. Full of humour and personality it’s an interesting take on a body of work and a pitch for future projects.

Created by Wefail (@wefail).

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Nice experience that documents the creators road trip through the US through Google’s Streetview. Cleverly stitching together Streetview images, applying stylistic accents, calculating distance and so on. Nice crafted and interesting way of documenting a journey.

Created by Lionel Tardy.

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M2H Agency

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Site of Moscow based agency M2H. Slick folio featuring a range of work, nice dynamic range of creative and design work. Love the transitions, and the structure of the case studies. I like the way the case study loads and then turns into the page, subtle and elegant. Nice example of a modern agency folio site.

Created by M2H Agency (@m2hagency).

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