ESPN Body 10

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Site of ESPNs 10th Body issue – celebrating the physical prowess of male and female athletes. Beautifully designed with bold type and strong photography, great transitions between the homepage and profiles, and lots of subtle animations on each page.

Created by Stink Studios (@stinkstudios).

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Open Wear

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Site of Open Wear, a ski / snowboard outerwear brand and community. Featuring an editorial design approach featuring articles, opinion pieces, gear reviews and so on. Beautiful design and great execution, love the transition states between the pages, and the thoughtful interactions. Nice design details, with slightly skewed buttons / UI, makes it feel a little more human. Particularly enjoy the homescreen, with the scrolling panel of content along the right edge.

Created by Build in Amsterdam (@buildinams).

Site here…

Ankoku Toshi Jutsu – Adidas

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Promo site of a collaboration of Adidas and Good Will Out to create a ninja inspired sneaker in all black. Film and imagery heavy in an all black style art direction the feel of the shoe drips with Japanese style. Exploratory style site featuring the shoe and a few accessories in a slick and well designed site.

Created by Adidas (@adidas) and Dayy.

Site here…

0 Days Off

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Site for book – Zero Days Off – best explained by the author “it is a true reflection of the life journey that I did not choose to take, but one that I now follow every day. Although it is a story about my own fight, with what I can only describe as a rare undiagnosed digestive illness causing me continuous physical pain, it is also a story about progress and purpose.” A little contrived – but the site is lovely. Love the animated homescreen with elements responding to the scroll position. Lots of nice details, transitions, and animations.

Created by Immersive Garden (@Immersive_g).

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Digital magazine 110% – a lovely multimedia experience that combines video, audio, photography in an editorial style layout. Loads of nice details – love when you scroll items into your viewport the sounds fades in and out, in line block that shows your scroll progress. It looks gorgeous, and has lots of great transitions and animations to bring the content to life.

Created by Wild (@madebywild).

Site here…

Slam Look Book

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Slam’s lookbook for 2017 – Italian sailing wear brand. Being a lookbook its heavy on the imagery and design – love the bold type and masked images that transition nicely on scroll. Interesting UI element that follows your cursor and changes context on rollover on certain segments of the site.

Created by Adoratorio (@adoratorio_cc).

Site here…

The Fourth Phase

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Site for new snowboarding film release ‘The Fourth Phase’. Featuring a beautiful homepage, that shows locations mapped to 3D scenes that your mouse can pan around, set alongside some moody music – creates an epic scene. Nice design details and interactive moments – all wrapped up in a modern and clean design.

Site here…

Love Fila

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Site showcasing the collaboration of FILA and Marion Bartoli. A limited edition collection is shown through a series of colourful transitions and interactivity that showcase the range. Nice touches include the thumbnails for colourways that cycle over time, love the art direction and colour. Fun playful way to inject a lot of personality into the experience.

Created by Domani Studios (@domanistudios).

Site here…

Ivy Park

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Site for Beyonce’s new active line Ivy Park. Big, bold, and full of attitude – hold down button to switch tracks. Photos, videos, gifs all play a part in this monochromatic experience. Love that when you open the menu, the music dims a little. The brand expressed through simple and bold web experience.

Site here…

Adidas Climazone

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Site promoting Adidas Climazone range of clothing. Nicely designed long scrolling page, lovely use of texture and typography and lots of depth with the subtle parallax effect. Love use of photography, and love the simplicity of the carousels. It looks great on mobile too.

Created by Resn (@resn_has_no_i).

Site here…

Strava Insights

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Site that visualises billionsĀ of data points gathered by sports and fitness tracker Strava. The nice thing about the site, is the way it puts context around the data – by pulling insights from around the world – comparing them and visualising them. Love the attention to detail with the 3D sphere – even with moving clouds – and nice shareable snippets.

Created by Stink Digital (@stinkdigital).

Site here…


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New apparel line brought together by ex-professional cyclists with a focus well designed gear for cyclists. The site brings to life a form of lookbook – really like the multiple animations on scroll that bring a sense of life to the layouts. Nice parallax moments too that add a sense of depth to the well designed editorial style layout.

Created by Soon (@soonlondon).

Site here…