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Monthly Archives: October 2012


By | @NorthKingdom, WEBSITES | No Comments

Site for Daybreak, an online drama series promoting AT&T and their 4G network, presented through a series of sites and an app to provide an alternative reality experience. Love the level of detail across the sites, the vertical scroll which for example shows the sun setting and rising as you scroll, the cool Jackboxer site – loads of animation and great art direction. Really cool sites, that a fun to explore, look great, and work well.

Created by BBDO New York (@BBDONY), and North Kindom (@NorthKingdom).

Site here…

Red Interactive Agency

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Portfolio site of Red Interactive Agency. Loads of really cool transitions and animations – using a grid based layout to highlight key projects, news, awards etc, clicking one flips it around and makes the whole background fade back and the project come forward. Love the transitions between sections and the attention to detail as different sections of the page animate in. Really modern site, with progressive enhancement – most of the animations work on iPad, mobile and so on, pretty cool…

Created by Red Interactive Agency@REDinteractive.

Site here…

Hennesey White Rabbit

By | @resn_has_no_i, WEBSITES | No Comments

Site promoting Hennessy VS and their new campaign ‘what’s your white rabbit?’. Plunging you down the ‘rabbit hole’, and taking you to strange interactive 3d scenes, love the exploration feel to it all – moving you mouse around the scene,  clicking on strange objects and so on. Nice to see a site like this again, well crafted, fun to play with and looks great.

Created by Resn, @resn_has_no_i.

Site here…

TCM Summer Under The Stars

By | @1trickpony, WEBSITES | No Comments

Summer Under the Stars is a campaign site promoting TV movie channel TCM’s summer schedule. You able to choose a wealth of famous movie stars such as John Wayne, Rita Hayworth, Marilyn Monroe etc and explore their film history, bio, and so on. Setup as one long page with photos masked off revealing quotes, to a stand out quote treated typographically, content reveals and so on. Load and loads of really nice interactions, animations, and attention to detail – even the pre-loader is really cool.  It all feels like really rich and alive and fun to explore.

Created by One Trick Pony, @1trickpony.

Site here…


By | @UncleDane | No Comments

Portfolio of Dutch VFX and film agency Woodwork. Love the way the projects appear and slide in and out, clicking one expands that section and allows you to scroll through the details for that item. Scroll along left and right too see more projects. I like that viewing each project doesn’t take you away from the homepage just expands upon it. Nice animations and very clean and clear layout.

Created by Vandaan, @UncleDane.

Site here…

Evoke Sunglasses

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Interactive musical experiment site promoting Evoke’s Zegon Sunglasses. A large sequencer plays samples, you interact by clicking and dragging shapes – sadly the site is quite hard to navigate / understand. However, there are lots of cool animations and interesting transitions – click to drag through images of specific frames – images zoom out and react to mouse position. Nice layout and minimal design, pretty cool.

Created by Rumba, @rumbatronics.

Site here…

Type / Code

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Portfolio site of Type / Code, NY based digital agency. Nice splash screen, 3d reactive particles! Projects displayed as one long list of accordions, revealing the contents on page, with the section splitting and moving down. Like the transitions between the main sections, very simple layout – nice example of a clear, clean well crafted site.

Created by Type / Code, @typecode.

Site here…

Consumer Barometer

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For something as dry as Consumer statistics – this site does a fantastic job. You can browse popular statistics such as % of people per country with access to internet, to creating your own graphs and diagrams via an intuitive interface – all internet stats. I love the subtle animations and interactivity – bouncing spheres, animated transitions – really brings it all alive. It looks good too with a subtle colour palette and clear layout.

Created by Clever Franke, @cleverfranke.

Site here…

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

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Simple campaign site for Eastpak bags. Posing the question ‘when was the last time you did something for the first time?’ and offering suggestions, playing full size video and small interactive experiences like Google street view to explore a mythical place and so on. After a couple of questions the you are prompted to enter a suggestion to go on their ‘experience wall’. Every time you visit the site you get a new set of videos and questions. Nice transitions, design  and a bit of simple fun.

Created by Satisfaction.

Site here… 

FOB – Paris

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Site of FOB a premium pocket watch maker aimed at the fashion world. Very simple site full of nice transitions and full bleed imagery and bold typography. I really like the movement as you traverse each section of the site – the slow easing into position of elements. Nice layout and design too…

Created by Les 84.

Site here…

Gif Me More Party

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Loving this site – going back to interactive experiences – essentially a pool party where you can choose your view through characters such as volleyball girl, skater guy, pizza guy, and so on – there are some 50 characters. It is really simple and fun, watching the party unfold through the eyes of all the characters – click on any of the characters at any time and see whats going on. It is set out much like a game with achievements like ‘dancing with the pool girls’ and so on, which activate additional content. Love the fun design and its simple fun purpose.

Created by Buzzman and Les 84.

Site here…