One Last Beat

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Interactive story about the last moments of life for the main protagonist. Incredible creativity, with home made props, custom software, and beautifully executed mix of video / 3D / type. Love the dynamic typeface and all the small animated details. Great sound design, interesting story, and light weight fun interactivity come together to provide this fascinating experience.

Created by Hector Monerris (@mcnerris).

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Sweet app that experiments with the conceptual first stage of a multiplayer game where you build small characters, find cameras, and take selfies. Bizarre and fun.

Created by HVX.

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Latest folio from web legend Wefail. Arranged in a surreal and dark 3D world, a bizarre skulled creature walks you through his work. Full of humour and personality it’s an interesting take on a body of work and a pitch for future projects.

Created by Wefail (@wefail).

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The XX

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Site of band The XX. Love the floaty 3D interface that mixes images, lyrics, and video, makes for a very exploratory experience. Nice touch that you can filter to see specific categories such as lyrics, nice transitions such as clicking on the colourful blob! Nice innovative work…

Created by Future Corp (@futurecorpldn).

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Intangible Matter

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Lovely site for Chanel and in the words of the creators “The Fifth Sense is an online platform from Chanel and i-D celebrating the emotion of scent and the way it inspires female creativity. For its latest commission, Intangible Matter, we worked with digital artist Lucy Hardcastle to bring to life her interpretation and creative vision of Chanel’s N°5 L’Eau, through code.” I love the exploratory nature of the site, the concept itself is interesting – can we interpret a scent online through interactivity? Lovely 3D work, minimal design, nice soundtrack too. Very nice work…

Created by Stinkdigital (@stinkdigital).

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FKA Twigs

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Site for music group FKA Twigs. Love the composition of snippets of images, video, audio that promotes a very much exploratory experience. Interesting design and interesting use of a search bar with tabs to explore the content if you want to dive a little deeper. Nice to see people experimenting with different interfaces and layouts.

Created by International Magic (@intmagicgroup).

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You are Watching

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Site that generates a never ending film composed of live web camera footage, the soundtrack is also found footage. Really interesting idea – it strikes an interesting note about security and privacy in this modern age. Like the way it mixes video and sounds in an algorithmic way so no two viewings are the same.

Created by Null.

Site here…

Belligerent Eyes

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A digital art piece that in their own words “Through a chat-bot, contents are imported in realtime by a custom AI censoring algorithm, displaying itself in an infinte loop of hyper-medial elements. Visitors will experience the flow changes in realtime, exploring contents and features of this new media.” The end result is a 3D stream of modified visuals floating in space. Interesting experimentation with the concept of censorship.

Created by display.

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Dada Data

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Lovely site celebrating 100 years of the Dada movement. Love the singular large canvas type execution, with multiple layers, imagery, and type – when navigation you scroll your viewport to another part of the canvas. There is a lot of depth to the site, from bizarre interactive games pairing up with your phone through to explorative profiles on artists and history. Beautifully executed and a lot of fun to explore.

Created by Afuken (@akufen).

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The next installation of interactive art piece VOID. A cube with rooms to explore in 3D space, each room with it’s own interactive element, from music sequencing, to ripple pools – music and sound plays a large part of the experience. Love the detail and mood – from the design through to the audio design – the exploratory/surreal feel is drenched in atmosphere. Great to see work like this.

Created by Hi-Res (@hireslondon) and IVXVIXVIII (@ivxvixviii).

Site here…

Deju Vu – Kamra

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Beautiful interactive music experience from artist Kamra. Watch as your face gets detected and peel off to become a 3D animated object navigating a landscape of sounds and surrealism. Beautifully executed with great dynamic 3D scenes, animation and visual storytelling. Fantastic way of pairing music with a dynamic, personalized interactive experience.

Created by Invisible Designs Lab (@invisi_dl) and dot by dot inc.

Site here…

Because Recollection

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Fantastic musical interactive experience for Because celebrating 10 years and 20 classic artworks. Hold down the spacebar to randomly select an artist and play with the artwork – ranging from dragging trees, lighting up a city, playing with gravity, etc etc. Each one is very cool and triggers the playback of the track – with animations, video and interactivity. Love this kind of thing – this is what the medium is all about, creating compelling interactive experiences that can only be done with the interactive medium. Beautifully executed with slick animations, fantastic transitions, pulled together with elegant UI and a nice bit of storytelling.

Created by 84.Paris (@84Paris_live).

Site here…

Reboot – Files Rec.

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Promo site for File Rec. an international underground electronic record label. The site explores a whole range of electronic music which is visualised through a 3D sound reactive pattern, which changes over time. Love the build up of layers with text, patterns, and shapes formed from large pixels. Love the minimal black and white design, and the subtle pause state of the music.

Site here…