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Interactive documentary telling the story of an abducted school girl and the trackers that searched for her. Beautifully crafted site that allows you to explore the scenes to uncover the story through the eyes of the trackers. Mix of video, 3D, typography, audio narrative and storytelling – great example of interactive storytelling.

Created by SBS Online (@SBS).

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Existing while Black

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Interactive documentary about what it’s like to exist while black. A range of stories from people describing discrimination in everyday existence – shopping, driving, parenting. A bold type driven experience, full of heart wrenching stories, told through the eyes of those who are victim of everyday discrimination.

Created by Gladeye (@gladeye).

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Nuclear Dissent

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Interactive documentary chronicling the testing of nuclear weapons. Fascinating combination of first person simulated VR / 3D videos, first hand testimonies, and history as told by those who were there. Beautifully crafted experience that really takes you there, and gives a multimedia overview of the history of these world ending weapons.

Created by Jam3 (@jam3).

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Below the Surface

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In Amsterdam they dredged the Rokin canal and uncovered a wealth of objects dating back from 1349. Each object uniformly photographed and documented – fascinating reveal of thousands of objects documenting human history in the city. Incredible overview of all of these items all in the same style. Love the minimal design and elegant site that lets you explore each item. Fantastic project beautifully realised.

Created by Fabrique (@fabrique).

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Site documenting the earthquake damaged temples of Bagan in full 3D and LiDAR visualisations. Beautifully crafted experience taking you on a journey through these stunning temples. Love the interactive documentary approach, with voice over and storyline bringing out the history and acting like virtual tour guide.

Created by Google Arts & Culture (@googlearts).

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The Stories Behind a Line

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Site documenting several migrants journeys “is a visual narrative of six asylum seekers’ routes. They travelled from their hometown to Italy. This project wants to tell their stories through the data that shaped their personal travelling line.” Love the way you can toggle the various ways of representing their routes, from a data perspective, from a map, and from the lines.

Created by Federica Fragapane (@fedfragapane) and Alex Piacentini.

Site here…

60th Anniversary Omega Speedmaster

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Celebrating 60 years of the famous Omega Speedmaster watch made famous for being the first watch worn on the moon. Love the way they’ve highlighted all the special editions and for each explained the movement of the watch, specs, and all using a parallax scroll method. Shame you have to scroll up to go through the content. Nicely designed, nice photography and overall a nice experience.

Site here…

One shared house

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Interactive documentary exploring the concept of communal living. Really interesting approach, using the medium to show different camera angles, extra panels to explore the concepts, and nice use of colour and type to bring points to life. I love that they really thought about the format of the documentary and allowed you to explore and find out more information contextually as you experience the site. It looks great too!

Created by Anton and Irene (@antonandirene).

Site here…

Citroen Origins

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Site documenting some of Citroen’s most iconic cars. Love the immersive app like approach – with an exploratory interface that encourages deep dives into the content. Lots of great content, sounds of the cars starting, brochures, posters, photography and specs. Nice use of 360 renders – from both the exterior and the interior. A lovingly crafted and in-depth experience that looks great and works well.

Created by Werkstatt (@WerkstattParis).

Site here…

A foreigners guide to Polish arts

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Nice dive into some of the Polish arts, lovingly titled ‘A foreigners guide to’. Several interactive guides take you through the history of Polish cinema, photography and electronic music. Using a mixture of bold type, vibrant hints of colour and b&w photography to bring stories to life. There is a lot of polish and detail throughout, many transitions and animations to bring the content alive – love the mix of interactive moments such as timelines and so on – you can tell it has been a real labour of love.

Created by Bright Media (@brightmediapl).

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Apollo 17

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Fascinating real time experience of Apollo 17 – the last lunar mission. Featuring all the radio transmissions, photography and video as it was shot over the course of the mission. This ambitious site catalogues it all in a real time experience – allowing you to jump around the timeline to relive the action.

Created by Ben Feist (@benfeist).

Site here…

Netherlands in the 60s

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Explore events from the Netherlands in the 60s in this interactive exhibit. Love the collage where you can explore key moments in a Google Maps-esque layout, slick transitions and animation to the detail view. Subtle parallax effect adds a nice element of depth and love the ‘tours’ which offer audio tours through the content.

Created by Random Studio (@random_studio).

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waterloo-1 waterloo-2 waterloo-3

Site for French film ‘Waterloo’, telling the story of the famous battle of Waterloo. Focussing on the two sides pitted against each other, Napoleon and Wellington – and describing through iconography the differences between the English and French forces. Nice experience with sounds, full bleed imagery and video – all in a tight layout, with modern interaction design with sliding panels and menus. It looks great too, with the muted colours and distressed overlay.

Created by Dog Studio (@Dogstudio).

Site here…

Apocalypse – WW1

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Site for French TV Channel ‘France 2’ – and their programmes about France in WW1. Set like an encyclopedia of important events centred around a map (which like the old school Flash days curls up when you visit events). A very rich interactive site full of videos, images, and transitions – which feels like an old school rich Flash site – when in fact it isn’t – great to see sites like this which aren’t a standard parallax site.

Created by Ultranoir (@ultranoir).

Site here…