Interland – Be Internet Awesome

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Interland – interactive adventure to explain to children the complex space around online security. Executed beautifully through a series of 3D worlds, interactive games, and important lessons all about security online. Love the 3D worlds, so thoughtful and detailed, with simple gaming mechanics for ease of use. Great idea, looks amazing, and is great fun to play with.

Created by Google Brand Studio (@google) and North Kingdom (@northkingdom).

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Site of Centerfold a “Montreal-based organization with the aim of driving social and economic change in the art industry. Our goal is to enable artists to gain funding, visibility, and access”. You can buy the curated prints or browse around a virtual gallery a fun feature that replicates a surreal 3D exhibition space. Nice idea and nicely executed.

Created by Mackenzie Davidson (@40mackenzie).

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Web VR experiments

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Some really interesting Web VR experiments ranging from sonic umbrellas, ping pong, through to speak to go. The depth and detail of these experiments is incredible. really interesting to play with the various aspects of interacting with a headset on using sound and space to prompt interactions.

Created by Google Creative Lab (@google) and various partners.

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Timeline Gallery

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Interesting UI for exploring the latest updates for the concept of the Timeline Gallery in the Netherlands. Navigate the content by tapping on the individual cards – with the latest at the front of the stack, oldest at the back. Really simple, interesting, and exploratory way of presenting content.

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Fun little site that takes places from anywhere on the world and produces a 3D relief of the topography of the area. Type in a place and you get a grid, which you can split into a puzzle, make a 3D file and even send off to print. Love the simplicity of the experience, nice idea and nice design.

Created by Hush (@hushstudios).

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The XX

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Site of band The XX. Love the floaty 3D interface that mixes images, lyrics, and video, makes for a very exploratory experience. Nice touch that you can filter to see specific categories such as lyrics, nice transitions such as clicking on the colourful blob! Nice innovative work…

Created by Future Corp (@futurecorpldn).

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Diane Martel

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Love this portfolio of creative director, photographer and film maker Diane Martel. Featuring a beautiful minimal interface consisting of a 3D menu that you scroll vertically – even with sub menu items it remains easy to use. On rollover see a preview and on click a nice horizontal scrolling carousel of imagery. Great to see a refreshing take on the standard folio site, beautifully done.

Created by Ben Wegscheider (@benbesen).

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Radio Garden

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Site allowing you to navigate radio stations by location on a 3D map. Really simple interaction model, drag around and the strongest signal closest to your position depicted on the map will tune in a radio station. Really fun way of listening to stations all over the world – through exploration of a 3D globe. Nice idea and nicely executed.

Created by Studio Puckey (@studiopuckey).

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Intangible Matter

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Lovely site for Chanel and in the words of the creators “The Fifth Sense is an online platform from Chanel and i-D celebrating the emotion of scent and the way it inspires female creativity. For its latest commission, Intangible Matter, we worked with digital artist Lucy Hardcastle to bring to life her interpretation and creative vision of Chanel’s N°5 L’Eau, through code.” I love the exploratory nature of the site, the concept itself is interesting – can we interpret a scent online through interactivity? Lovely 3D work, minimal design, nice soundtrack too. Very nice work…

Created by Stinkdigital (@stinkdigital).

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Big Youth

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Site of French based digital agency Big Youth. Colourful and playful site with well crafted case studies showcasing their range of work. I love how each of the key case studies are custom crafted to represent the brand they worked on. Some nice playful elements on the homepage that trigger full screen 3D moments highlighting their 3D WebGL skills. Nice little UI moments dotted throughout the experience and gorgeous transitions that inject life into the site. Great example of a modern agency site.

Created by Big Youth (@big_youth).

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Google Arts & Culture Experiments

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Site showing a series of experiments combining the huge database of art collected by Google and creative technology to show some great experiments. Shows collaborations with some amazing digital artists and programmers. Some really cool stuff here, allowing you to explore the range of art by interesting means – from huge 3D spaces, to machine learning interpretation, visual similarity. Great way of shining a light on the range of art Google has catalogued in fresh and modern ways.

Created by Google Arts & Culture (@googlearts).

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Through the Dark

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Beautiful experience and collaboration with Google Play Music and Hilltop Hoods. Through The Dark was written by Dan Smith for his son Liam, who was diagnosed with leukaemia at eight years old. The site takes you through an interactive 3D music video – using the scroll mechanic to change the position of your view. On mobile your accelerometer performs same task. Your view transitions between the light and the dark of the world, each view with subtly different perspectives of the same scene, light representing hope and the dark, fear. Love the simple mechanic and the stunning use of 3D to draw you in. Beautiful idea brought to life in a fantastic way.

Created by R/GA Sydney (@RGA).

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