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Fendi Life

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Site for Fendi to release exclusive interviews, backstage photos and some live streaming for Milan Fashion Week and for the Spring / Summer 2014 collection. Nice infinite scrolling panel of images, galleries, videos etc – all inside this small / large image grid. Smooth transitions to the detailed view and nice mechanic for going through the carousel of images.

Created by Unit9 (@unit9).

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Arcade Fire – Just a Reflektor

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Incredible interactive music video from Arcade Fire. Using your phone and desktop/laptop webcam together to provide an immersive interactive experience. You can pan around with your phone and glows and distortion affects the current scene, adding a fun dimension to the video. There are several scenes and effects that you can play around with, from dots on a face drawing lines to your cursor smudging the colours. The technical implementation is pretty damn cool – check out the Unit 9 blog to see it explained. Really fun and a great way to play around with a music video – much more immersive than a simple video on YouTube.

Created by Unit 9 (@unit9) and Google Creative Lab (@google).

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