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Site of School, a Japanese creative collective/agency. Nicely crafted body of work wrapped in a modern site full of nice interactions, transitions, and animations. Super smooth and pretty damn slick.

Created by School.

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Site for Belgium based agency Undefined. Fun collection of states you click through to get a mixture of projects, culture, and experimentation from the design agency. Really different and engaging way of exploring their world and getting a feel for the agency. Love the mixture of styles and media to which encourages you to get to the end of the site.

Created by Undefined.

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Anagram Paris

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Site for agency based in Paris Anagram. Lovely homepage with the images scrolling within their mask with movement – love the brush script and splashes of mint colour. Nice subtle animations and transitions throughout all which lift the content. Lots of whitespace and room for the content to breathe, love all the subtle UI elements such as in-line preloading on thumbnails or rollover states.

Created by Anagram Paris (@anagramparis).

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Ultra Studio

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Site of UK based motion design studio Ultra Studio. Minimal approach, rollover the labels to get a thumb behind the type. Tap on the project – lovely transition to play the video – simple stripped back interface that lets the content shine. Love the colour transition and the subtle and slick animations.

Created by Second Cousins (@jakedowsmith).

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Site of French digital agency Angstrom. Fresh look and feel, brought to life with lots of slick transitions and animations. With a broad range of work from fashion and drink the work is presented in an interesting way, love all the attention to detail throughout the site, the works page is a great example.

Created by Angstrom (@angstrm).

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Big Youth

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Site of French based digital agency Big Youth. Colourful and playful site with well crafted case studies showcasing their range of work. I love how each of the key case studies are custom crafted to represent the brand they worked on. Some nice playful elements on the homepage that trigger full screen 3D moments highlighting their 3D WebGL skills. Nice little UI moments dotted throughout the experience and gorgeous transitions that inject life into the site. Great example of a modern agency site.

Created by Big Youth (@big_youth).

Site here…

More and More

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Site of London based More and More a motion and design studio. Reel upfront followed by case study thumbnails all with nice looping motion so in a full scrolls you get the picture of what they do. Click into a project and you get a case study with lovely detailed moments of the design / motion work. Love the way you can zoom into a project, click and drag to cycle through the work and scroll to go back to previous screen – very simple and elegant mechanic. Lovely work, great site.

Created by Stefan Endress (@stefanendress) and Unfun (@buero_unfun).

Site here…

Pell Mell

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Site for UK & France based collective of artists and illustrators. Great collection of work – nice homepage carousel – love the dots with the circle growing around to show time between the carousel cycling. Colourful design that mirrors the colourful work – transitions between each section and pages are fun and playful. Nice and fun body of work in a simple and easy to use wrapper.

Created by Cher Ami (@FlyCherAmi).

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Site of Italian design firm specializing in 3D renders and animation. Dark and simple – love the layers of the hero images slightly moving and the nice text transitions. Nice thoughtful project pages that inject a sense of movement and show the work in a simple way. Lots of nice little details that lift the experience and add some personality.

Created by Adoratorio (@adoratorio_cc).

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Site for digital agency based in the US. Lovely transitions and beautiful design make this site a joy to look at and use. Love all the small transitions and interactivity, on the homepage love the way the year marker scrolls down around the project tiles over time. Project pages look lovely, and have a sense of energy and emotion with lots of small details love the preloader too – that just reveals the logo. Loads of fun micro interactions and great type, layout and design.

Created by Welikesmall (@welikesmall)

Site here…