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Julien Belmonte

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Elegant site for Julien Belmonte, film director and designer. Featuring a simple and intuitive video scrubbing integration, which is simply your mouse cursor position. The homepage is just one long strip of videos, tap on one video and it expands. Nice transitions and smooth animation, with a really simple and elegant mechanic which lets the content do the talking.

Created by Johnathan de Costa (@jonathandc) and Make Me Pulse (@makemepulse).

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Serge Thoraval

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Site of Serge Thoraval, artisan French jeweller. App like layout and functionality taking you on a journey through the work of the jeweller. Like that you look at one section at a time, like turning the pages of a book, with well considered transitions and zoom in effects to enlarge the pictures – all which injects some personality into the site.

Created by Jonathan da Costa (@jonathandc) and Jean-Christophe Suzanne (@jcsuzanne).

Site here…