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Leap Second

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2015 saw a ‘leap second’ – everyone on earth had an extra second to play with. Android asked people to capture those moments and share with the world. The site itself is really well executed, with a great visual interface that captures the moments and themes of the submissions – with a larger video which combines all these moments into one clip. Love the 3D on this too, from the way the images enlarge and the lovely drag around interface – really works great on mobile too! Full of details and incredibly polished.

Created by Active Theory (@active_theory) and Droga5 NY.

Site here…


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New apparel line brought together by ex-professional cyclists with a focus well designed gear for cyclists. The site brings to life a form of lookbook – really like the multiple animations on scroll that bring a sense of life to the layouts. Nice parallax moments too that add a sense of depth to the well designed editorial style layout.

Created by Soon (@soonlondon).

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Site of Inert – a studio, production model and exhibition space based in New York. Interesting top nav rollovers that offer slices of the content below – like pages revealing themselves. Nice layout and design – love the way when you click on one of the top links – the mask transitions across the page to reveal the new section.

Created by Marc Kremers (@marckremers), Jack Wild (@isjackwild), and Daniel Bar (@baerdaniel).

Site here…


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Site of Eginstill – bespoke design kitchens. The site has a simple and elegant mechanic that scrolls through the case studies – love the little progress bar along the side of the project label. There is a great effect on the images as you scroll, the mask reveals more of the image inside and moves to give a lovely sense of depth. Slick and simple the site is well crafted – lots of small details come together to make this elegant site.

Created by Build in Amsterdam (@buildinams).

Site here…

Born in the Echoes

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Microsite promoting The Chemical Brothers new album ‘Born in the Echoes’. Using a sound reactive 3D hoop that responds to the various frequencies in the tracks – visualizing nicely the music, especially peaks in the bass and high notes. Site also allows you to create a playlist from an historic collection of Chemical Brothers tracks.

Created by NEU (@helloneu).

Site here…

New From Bose

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Site showcasing the new colourful and updated range of headphones from Bose. Really colourful and fun, with loads of slick animations that bring the layout to life. Real sense of energy in the design and a playful look and feel – love the diagonal imagery and the useful buy now button – linking to Amazon amongst others.

Created by This Page Amsterdam (@thispage_ams).

Site here…

Quechua Lookbook SS 2015

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Site showcasing the spring/summer 2015 outdoor wear from Quechua. Going through various destinations and activities across the world and presenting the range. Love the layout and various details that breathe life into the design, from the way the site scrolls – revealing more of the image inside the mask – to the subtle animations bringing in the copy.

Created by Akaru Studio (@Akaru_studio).

Site here…

J. Hornig – Johos

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Beautiful site taking you on a journey through Brazil to find a certain coffee bean. The chapter based story depicts scenes from Brazil, photos and video – and simple small snippets of info brought to life through infographics and motion. Lovely layout and story telling really gives a flavour of what the coffee is all about, brought to life with simple and elegant animations and transitions.

Created by Wild (@madebywild).

Site here…

Happy Forecast

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Fun site that maps attitudes of people across London by area and postcode! Best described by the creators: “The ambition of the project is to playfully showcase and compare London’s current social wellbeing levels by area whilst encouraging us to be more mindful of our everyday social interactions with strangers as we move through the city. If we are all more aware we can work towards shifting the stigma of a grumpy city and make London even more enjoyable to be in.” Love the 3D map they have created and the soft tones and interactivity of the scene. A lot of love has clearly been give to the development through the camera movements and transitions and the sense of personality in the design.

Created by We Are Clubhouse (@weareclubhouse).

Site here…

Geç Kendini – Nike

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Summer promo site for Nike Women in Turkey. Featuring full screen video with small interactive moments, showcasing the range of summer Nike sportswear and short tips on exercising – I like the hotspots on the products which offer detail on the individual items – which then link through to where you can buy them. Short chapters let you jump around and see the how you might wear different pieces for different sports and circumstances – it also fully responsive and works nicely on smartphone / tablet too. Fresh and a bit of fun nicely done.

Created by -99 (@minus99ds).

Site here…