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Dom Perignon – Rose 2002

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Simple and elegant site promoting Dom Perignon’s Rose 2002. Beautiful 3d Flash visualisations highlighting sensations, tastes, and feelings you might experience whilst drinking the champagne. Some really nice layouts and lovely visualisations in the sequences – love the rose petals rotating! Wrapped up in an ultra minimal interface to let the content shine.

Created by Random Studio (@random_studio).

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Beyond by Lexus

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Lovely online magazine site for Lexus Beyond. An app like experience for Lexus – and their magazine – a lot of competitors simply release an app to provide that rich design & user experience, but Lexus have created it all online which is quite a feat. Each article is individually animated and polished to a high degree to give a unique experience. This is all wrapped up in a simple interface which is easy to use and navigate – with nice transitions, layout, and design. Really worth exploring and getting into to see all the nice touches and details.

Created by Saatchi & Saatchi Fallon Tokyo Inc and SHIFTBRAIN Inc (@SHIFTBRAIN).

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MoMA – Magritte

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Site promoting MoMA’s exhibition on Magritte. Allowing you to explore Magritte’s surrealist paintings – in depth – or simply skim through them through a blend of music and typography. The information for each painting is detailed and interesting, with x-rays, background insights – which adds a nice layer to explore. The layout is pretty interesting too, with background colours morphing to fit the hue and colour for each painting.

Created by Hello Monday (@hellomondaycom).

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Life Color Clock

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The ‘life color clock’ is a clock which pulls in images from Facebook and Instagram and takes pixel colour values from random places on the image and draws lines from these into the centre of the clock. All brought to you by Shiseido, a Japanese cosmetics brand, really minimal branding and typically Japanese style. The whole experience is really simple and elegant, you can sit back and just watch the whole thing draw out – the screen saver is pretty cool too.

Created by tha ltd. (@thaltd) and yugo p (@yugop).

Site here…

Il-Ho Jung

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Site of Berlin based freelance art director / designer Il-Ho Jung. Nice and simple layout – looking somewhat like a graphic design magazine – with some nice transitions and animations. Like the rollover effect on the sub menu that scrolls to the relevant thumbnail. All in all a nice example of a modern portfolio site with a minimal stripped back look and feel.

Created by Il-Ho Jung.

Site here…