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Dexter Navy

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Site of European photography and film studio. Featuring a range of commercial and musical clients wrapped in an immersive experience. Love the homescreen, with large vibrant thumbnails of videos and imagery set against at stark background, inviting you in to explore the projects within.

Created by YES (@yesstudio).

Site here…

Matt Irwin

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Awesome folio of photographer Matt Irwin, sadly he has passed away but Yes Studio wanted to launch his lovely body of work. Love the absolute simplicity of the experience, click to proceed to the next image in a constant cycle. His work reveals such personality not only of the subject but the character of the photographer himself – curiosity and playful. Small subtle details such as the about section, and the navigation changing accent colours is a nice touch. Lovely, elegant site that hones in on the absolute simplicity of showing great photos.

Created by Yes Studio (@yesstudio).

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Site for Topsafe London, agency that helps connects brands to culture. Site features bold typography, and large photography, love the tiles – some animated and nice hints of colour. The feature pages are more like a magazine, with large pages that scroll into view and lock, like pages in a magazine. Large sliding menu is a nice touch.

Created by YES Studio (@YESstudio).

Site here…