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Kwok Yin Mak

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Site of Kwok, US based designer, and a personal portfolio. Love the personality dotted all around this site, from the playful dot to dot represenation of distance from my ip to where he’s based, through to a guestbook where visitors leave their messages, it’s like going back to the fun websites of yesteryear. Lovely design and nice mix of type and languages, particularly like the transition from project thumbs to the detail page. Super cool and super fresh.

Created by Kwok Yin Mak (@kwokidile).

Site here…


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Site of Logram branding and creative agency based in Japan. Looking like a mash up of an early 2000s graphic design experiment and Photoshop layer this site is a medly of type, colours, and gradients. Lovely interactions, where sections of the site are in in separate spaces with sections of colour transitioning to the new pages. Love the dynamic colour palette too, along with the moving layers it feels as though the site is never the same from one moment to another. Very refreshing, lively and bold agency site.

Created by Keigo Anan (@anan) and Takehiko Ono (@onopko).

Site here…

Tokyo Soup

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Site documenting Japanese style, art, culture and design. Wrapped in a fun minimal site with small moments of playfulness. Love the header that pops out, and collapses as you navigate the site, and the cool rollovers where the image inside the mask grows but mask shrinks. Fun scroll based animations and light white space layout lets the content shine.

Created by Michele Angeloro (@micheleangeloro).

Site here…

Dev Random Notes

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Site of Chinese based designer and coder Du Haihang. Nice exploratory of visual code experiments that play with 3D, textures, and physics. Simple scroll mechanic to go through the experiments, love the transitions and bold type – nicely wrapped up in a minimal interface, fun to play around with.

Created by Du Haihang.

Site here…

Tokyo Stories

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Site documenting various people who live in Tokyo, their lives, and their tips & recommendations for the city. In their own words “a community driven initiative that seeks to establish the modern Tokyojin. We aim to authentically and organically capture, document, and communicate Tokyo’s unique urban culture through the insight and experience of the very people that shape it while redefining what it means to call Tokyo home.” Interesting form of storytelling through in depth journeys. Lovely photography and design, love the blend of inline video and sprinkles of Google Maps that bring the stories to life. Nice transitions and art direction tie it all together to create a compelling experience.

Created by Monopo.

Site here…

Act of Love

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The digital accompaniment of a new book documenting various animals love rituals. Love the minimal pared down approach which highlights various movements and behaviors the animals have – shown simply through moving shapes. Click on the animation and a page split appears and more information is shown. Nice transitions and love the unifying way of displaying the simple animations to highlight the various weird and wonderful ‘acts of love’.

Created by Projector Japan (@koichiroot).

Site here…

Beyond by Lexus

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Lovely online magazine site for Lexus Beyond. An app like experience for Lexus – and their magazine – a lot of competitors simply release an app to provide that rich design & user experience, but Lexus have created it all online which is quite a feat. Each article is individually animated and polished to a high degree to give a unique experience. This is all wrapped up in a simple interface which is easy to use and navigate – with nice transitions, layout, and design. Really worth exploring and getting into to see all the nice touches and details.

Created by Saatchi & Saatchi Fallon Tokyo Inc and SHIFTBRAIN Inc (@SHIFTBRAIN).

Site here…

ROCCO Design Architects

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Site of renowned architect Rocco Yim showcasing his vast range of work. Really nice offset fluid grid that loads in thumbnails highlighting the projects, love the way the animate in and react to rollovers. Great transitions from one project to the next and zooming in/out – really cool. It was some 2 years in the making this site – everything feels polished and well considered.

Created by Pill and Pillow (@pillandpillow).

Site here…


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kajimai-1 kajimai-2 kajimai-3


Site promoting Yomitan village in Japan. Loads of nice interactions, animations, and transitions – all wrapped up in a minimal interface with large photography. Love the automatic scrolling – and the way scrolling occurs within the image masks – the way you you enlarge the images to view the detail. Loads of nice little touches.

Site here… 

Nike MvsW

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Nike MvsW

Nike MvsW

Nike MvsW

Nike MvsW is a Nike+ running competition aimed at pitching men against women in Hong Kong – using their Nike+ data to compare themselves against other people and celebrities. It is all brought together into a minimal data visualisation layout – all in 3d! The graphs are drawn in front of you – you can affect your view by moving your mouse around – quite immersive. Really bold and bright look and feel, (love the login page) great animation and the 3d effect is ultra smooth – great way to bring the concept to life.

Created by pill & pillow (@pillandpillow).

Site here…


Roll With Maki-san

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Roll With Makisan

Roll With Makisan

Roll With Makisan

Fun site from Singapore promoting Maki-San an eatery selling sushi, wraps, salads and so on. Love the animations and the transitions from each section (the whole page gets wrapped up in roll!) the attention to detail is incredible – all the various sections fun to explore and bringing something new. Also a big fan of the music and sound fx! A really fun and playful site.

Created by Kinetic Singapore (@kineticsg).

Site here…



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A collection of students work from the Hong Kong University – Digital Media Design graduate show. An explorative approach to viewing the pieces, lots of projects moving around with your mouse. I like the infographic chart approach to highlighting the key attributes of the project, nice attention to detail and a fun way to explore without too much detail. All in all it looks great and has really nice subtle animations to bring it all to life.

Created by Ahn Jiyong and Sanghun Heo.

Site here…