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Norman is a neat web tool to created animated 3D scenes viewable with a supported VR device. If you have the VR controllers you can create your own animated scenes – like Tiltbrush but all browser based – pretty amazing. Love the hand drawn and organic feel that really brings sketches to life.

Created by James Paterson (@presstube) and Google Creative Lab.

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Interland – Be Internet Awesome

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Interland – interactive adventure to explain to children the complex space around online security. Executed beautifully through a series of 3D worlds, interactive games, and important lessons all about security online. Love the 3D worlds, so thoughtful and detailed, with simple gaming mechanics for ease of use. Great idea, looks amazing, and is great fun to play with.

Created by Google Brand Studio (@google) and North Kingdom (@northkingdom).

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AIY Projects

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Do it yourself AI project from Google. Create kits from a list of components such as Raspberry Pi, and make for example a natural language recognizer. Pretty impressive stuff, wrapped in a nicely designed site with transitions and animations to bring the content to life.

Created by Google (@google).

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Web VR experiments

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Some really interesting Web VR experiments ranging from sonic umbrellas, ping pong, through to speak to go. The depth and detail of these experiments is incredible. really interesting to play with the various aspects of interacting with a headset on using sound and space to prompt interactions.

Created by Google Creative Lab (@google) and various partners.

Site here…

Sidewalk Labs

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Site for Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs, research group dedicated to changing the cities of the future. Really love the approach of explaining the mission through easy to digest videos, problem statements, and short article like pieces. It is also beautifully designed, with large type, editorial style layouts, all with thoughtful transitions and interactions. Great example of a modern site explaining complex ideas and concepts.

Created by Sidewalk Labs (@sidewalklabs).

Site here…

Humans & Machines

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Site for German digital agency Humans & Machines. Elegant and minimal site for a body of work spanning identity to app design. Lots of nice transitions from section to section, with gorgeous seamless animations – that give a feel of polish and simplicity. The case studies for each of the projects are well considered and include inline videos, animations, and wireframes even to describe their process and pull out the nice features. Such a lovely, modern and fresh experience.

Created by Humans & Machines (@humans_machines).

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HP Magic Words

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Campaign site for HP and their campaign ‘Magic Words’, a documentary that tells stories of illiterate people in Brazil and how HP’s new technology translates voice to print. Nice companion site that houses the documentary and showcases some of the characters who spoke for the book. Nicely designed, with some good interactive flourishes such as the gallery of speakers and the animated logo.

Created by AlmapBBDO (@almapbbdo).

Site here…

Small Victories

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Site for Small Victories a neat service that converts a Dropbox folder. Simple premise, simple site that walks you through the process in a step by step way, in a fun interactive way. Love the scrolling mechanic that scrolls the ‘pages’ of content whilst the rest of the site is sticky – fun and quirky, gets the across the simplicity through its execution.

Created by XXIX (@twentynine_nyc).

Site here…

Year In Music – Spotify

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Spotify’s year of music in review – sign in and see the facts and stats about your musical tastes in 2015. Lovely bold, colourful art direction and clear uncluttered interface. Sweet transitions between the sections and love the gradient colour changes as you navigate between key topics. Not too overwhelming with the stats, with the content flowing nicely from big topics to more granular stats. Works great on mobile too with all the same cool transitions and animations.

Created by Stinkdigital (@stinkdigital).

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Mike Bloomberg

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Site of Mike Bloomberg the founder of Bloomberg and a NY mayor. Lots of nice UI moments, and transitions, that breathes life into some pretty dry content. Like the top nav, and the way it evolves depending on context, and the preloader bar with slide in page content. Some nice interactive modules and carousels – all wrapped up in a nice looking layout and design.

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Site for new wearable technology product Wove using a flexible display. The site focuses on the different benefits and features of Wove, with neat little interactions the animate the Wove to change its display or share and so on. Lots of nice features and minimal layout that encourages you to cycle through the features of the product. Looks cool , great transitions between sections, and interesting menu execution.

Created by Hello Monday (@hellomondaycom).

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Fascinating site that uses peoples 3D data as a landscape to interact with. All executed through an experimental 3D interface where you pan and rotate your view. Feeling akin to something out of Blade Runner – the music the design – it is all an assault on the senses. The 3D bodies are moving around as you interact with the scene and you can play races that float across the moving 3D contours of the bodies. Love the 3D elements and the experimental look and feel, really cool to see digital experiences like this. Quite an experience…

Created by Bascule Inc (@Bascule_Inc).

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