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Falter’s Inferno

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Beautiful interactive story to promote Austrian newspaper Falter. Featuring a chapter by chapter animated dystopian scenes, beautifully drawn and animated with fantastic sound design that builds as you get further into the vertical story. Love the drag and the threshold that restrains the scrolling – so you get a hint of the 3D scene put not so much to be hard to navigate. Very unique and fascinating way of promoting a liberal newspaper, beautifully executed.

Created by Wild (@madebywild).

Site here…

Open Foundry Hot 30

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Site showcasing Open Foundry’s hot 30 typefaces – well considered and interesting way of exploring (free) typefaces, in-situ on images / black / white – change everything easily. I love the way you can ‘explore’ the font too where you can see how any typeface might look across applications – all different too. Nice take of the archetypal type site.

Created by Stefan Endress (@stefanendress).

Site here…

Unique Flow

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Site allow people to create personalised 3D artworks. Sign in with Twitter / Facebook and press keys on your keyboard to create flowing colours and shapes set to music. There is a loose tie into a new Toyota car – but any excuse to create interactive artwork is a good one! Love the ambient sound and music and fun process involved in creating these artworks. I like the way a short gif is created to allow you to share your work.

Created by Field (@field_io).

Site here…

Karina Twiss

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Lovely portfolio of London based photographer Karina Twiss. Love the ultra high res photos that form the background and let you explore the quality of the shots. Love the grid of images, with a mix of animations and videos forming a stunning pastiche of beautiful photography. Nice details such as the minimal menu and zoom out on an image to bring up a carousel. Stunning example of letting the content do the talking.

Created by Studio Thomas (@StudioThomas).

Site here…


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Lovely site of Spring/Summer Danish digital agency. Refined and elegant is a good way to summarise this site – so many beautiful details in here, and with next-level of polish. Love the work section, when you tap on a project the mask and image stretches to fit full screen with a colour hit from the project fills the preloader along the left side of the screen. Nice and subtle transitions for text and interesting integration of a sticky nav on left side of page – which also shows section in page. Love the way the pages transition – and each project case study is really nicely considered, with in-situ videos / animations / sketches to illustrate their process. It translates beautifully on mobile too with an equal level of polish. A fantastic example of a modern agency portfolio site.

Created by Spring/Summer (@SprngSmmr).

Site here…

Netherlands in the 60s

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Explore events from the Netherlands in the 60s in this interactive exhibit. Love the collage where you can explore key moments in a Google Maps-esque layout, slick transitions and animation to the detail view. Subtle parallax effect adds a nice element of depth and love the ‘tours’ which offer audio tours through the content.

Created by Random Studio (@random_studio).

Site here…

Epicurrence 3

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Site of Epicurrence conference of inspirational creative speakers set in Park City, Utah. Great example of a simple one pager site – elevated through stunning design and nice considered use of parallax. Love the bold colour, large imagery, and big type – lots of small nice details – nice.

Created by Rally Interactive (@letsgorally).

Site here…


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Site for Japanese ad agency Hotchkiss. Love the 3D tiles that shuffle and move as you scroll – really interesting way of presenting thumbnails and projects. Shame it doesn’t filter down into the project view. Nice clean minimal UI and layout that lets the content do the talking.

Created by Hotchkiss.

Site here…


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The next installation of interactive art piece VOID. A cube with rooms to explore in 3D space, each room with it’s own interactive element, from music sequencing, to ripple pools – music and sound plays a large part of the experience. Love the detail and mood – from the design through to the audio design – the exploratory/surreal feel is drenched in atmosphere. Great to see work like this.

Created by Hi-Res (@hireslondon) and IVXVIXVIII (@ivxvixviii).

Site here…