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July | 2015 | NICE!

Monthly Archives: July 2015


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A journey through a 3D world filled with light, music and brooding darkness. Each scene is accompanied with a page from the story, each scene the jellyfish like creature following your cursor throughout each scene. Love the hints and sparks of light emanating from your cursor and how each scene is introduced – you get a real feeling of the 3D space as your view floats into the scenes.

Created by Cabbibo (@cabbibo).

Site here…

The Sim Tests

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Immersive site promoting the latest installment of the Divergent series of sci-fi films. Essentially mimicking the film – a series of tests designed to get you thinking, all rendered in 3D using a nice implementation of the virtual look around model. High production values and slick execution bring it all to life.

Created by Hybrid Studio.

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Beautifully immersive 3D experience taking you on a visual and audio journey into a black hole. Featuring a sequence of interactive 3D scenes that beg to be played with. Expertly crafted, I miss seeing projects like this that just explore creativity using digital as a platform. Great to see Hi-Res creating work like this again!

Created by Hi-Res! (@hireslondon).

Site here…

H6 Rapha Edition

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Lovely site for B&O Headphones, promoting their H6 Rapha Edition – a brand tie in with the cycling brand. Visualising how music can influence your ride, from preparation, hill climbs, racing, and all the emotions experienced whilst cycling. Lovely mix of videos, photography, hints of diagrams and descriptive and emotive copywriting.

Created by Spring/Summer (@SprngSmmr).

Site here…

Habib Fadel

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Site for artist Habid Fadel. Beautifully crafted and slick experience to experience the melody of colours and expression that is the artist’s work. Love the homepage and the transitions to the individual artworks, and the seamless transition to a zoomed in image. Full of little animation notes and expressions that lift the whole experience.

Created by Ultranoir (@ultranoir).
Site here…


By | @YESstudio | No Comments


Site for Topsafe London, agency that helps connects brands to culture. Site features bold typography, and large photography, love the tiles – some animated and nice hints of colour. The feature pages are more like a magazine, with large pages that scroll into view and lock, like pages in a magazine. Large sliding menu is a nice touch.

Created by YES Studio (@YESstudio).

Site here…