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Escape Flight

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Lovely site for Escape Flight – a search engine for last minute weekend flights for trips abroad. With useful filters such as ‘weather’, ‘culture’, ‘food’, and ‘hidden-gem’ – all aimed at making this a really simple, intuitive way of finding a flight. Really slick animations and transitions everywhere, and lovely design – and great typography. Easy to use and very visual, very modern, very slick.

Created by B-Reel (@b__reel), and Dog Studio (@Dogstudio).

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Into the Arctic

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Lovely site for Greenpeace documenting their effort to claim the North Pole for nature – and highlighting peoples attempts to exploit the Arctic for resources. The story centres around a 3d map of the region which zooms and pans as you explore the timeline. There is lots of information about the animals in the area and the companies responsible for exploiting the region. All tied together with well considered typography and ‘app’ like design with sliding panels and large touchable buttons and icons. Really informative and loads of animations and transitions – all wrapped up in a great interface.

Created by hellomonday (@hellomondaycom).

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Under Armour – I Will

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Site for Under Armour, sports clothing – another long scrolling site with lots of depth. You scroll through various people doing sports, wearing the clothes and equipment – copy floats on the highest level, background on the lowest – with a line running through the site with images / video scrolling down along with it. Large bold typography really adds to the impact. Nice transitions, cool scrolling effect and animations – all wrapped up in a nice design.

Created by Firstborn (@firstborn_nyc).

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Site promoting Yomitan village in Japan. Loads of nice interactions, animations, and transitions – all wrapped up in a minimal interface with large photography. Love the automatic scrolling – and the way scrolling occurs within the image masks – the way you you enlarge the images to view the detail. Loads of nice little touches.

Site here… 

Travis Rice – On His Own Terms

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Nice magazine style site documenting an interview with snowboarding maestro Travis Rice. Nice large full bleed imagery, large text and magazine layout. Love the little animations as you scroll, and the transitions to the next section – the current page sliding back and so on. Nice touch is that it is responsive too. Great example of an editorial, easy to browse and read site, will great imagery and subtle animation.

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Oakley Airbrake

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Really cool site for Oakley’s new goggles for Moto Cross. Essentially a long scrolling page – with scrolling triggering animation – in line videos, nice exploded 3d views and so on. The great part of the site is the fact it is responsive, so on the larger screens you get the full parallax experience, on mobile you get a stripped down experience and on in-between sizes you get fewer animations. The animations are fluid and it all comes together to really explain the product well – great example of a responsive parallax scrolling site.

Created by Oakley Digital (@oakley).

Site here…

Ringle 39

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Elegant site for the Ringle 39 sailing boat. Essentially a scrolling brochure site – with the distinct vertical sections highlighting specific features of the boat. Like the effect of depth this site offers – with the descriptive text appearing higher up and linked to the vertical navigation. The slow gentle scrolling is fluid and feels great to navigate through and read through the content. Nice large full bleed imagery wrapped up in a minimal and elegant interface.

Created by The Monkeys (@Monkeys_Sydney).

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