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A collaborative interactive story writing experience. “BOOOK.LAND is a space for collaborative storytelling, bringing the online world together to write a novel. The digital platform allows participants to take part in a live novel anywhere, anytime. By continuing the story where it was left off and illustrating it as it’s being written, participants are able to collaborate with the rest of the world. The final novels are unconventional, unexpected pieces born from a clash of digital and print worlds.” Incredible idea, nicely crafted and inspirational for the digital medium.

Created by Harry Boyd and Twomuch.

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Site of Centerfold a “Montreal-based organization with the aim of driving social and economic change in the art industry. Our goal is to enable artists to gain funding, visibility, and access”. You can buy the curated prints or browse around a virtual gallery a fun feature that replicates a surreal 3D exhibition space. Nice idea and nicely executed.

Created by Mackenzie Davidson (@40mackenzie).

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Timeline Gallery

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Interesting UI for exploring the latest updates for the concept of the Timeline Gallery in the Netherlands. Navigate the content by tapping on the individual cards – with the latest at the front of the stack, oldest at the back. Really simple, interesting, and exploratory way of presenting content.

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Lovely site for speciality book store in Amsterdam – described as “A candy store for book aficionados”. Bold type, and large imagery funnel the viewer down the page with a mixture of editorial, curated, and book suggestions. Some really nice features here with smooth transitions and a great attention to detail. Love the preloader and new page slide in representing a new page – nice link back to the printed medium. On top of this it looks lovely, well designed and interesting layouts that really life the experience.

Created by Build in Amsterdam (@buildinams).

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Shantell Martin

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Site of artist Shantell Martin. Awesome homepage comprised of her artwork reacting to mouse position – love the mirroring of the artwork in the UI. Nice transition to the projects section and great bold design. Like the lazy loading of additional content when you’ve seen each project. Lovely work.

Created by Anton & Irene (@antonandirene).

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Intangible Matter

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Lovely site for Chanel and in the words of the creators “The Fifth Sense is an online platform from Chanel and i-D celebrating the emotion of scent and the way it inspires female creativity. For its latest commission, Intangible Matter, we worked with digital artist Lucy Hardcastle to bring to life her interpretation and creative vision of Chanel’s N°5 L’Eau, through code.” I love the exploratory nature of the site, the concept itself is interesting – can we interpret a scent online through interactivity? Lovely 3D work, minimal design, nice soundtrack too. Very nice work…

Created by Stinkdigital (@stinkdigital).

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Google Arts & Culture Experiments

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Site showing a series of experiments combining the huge database of art collected by Google and creative technology to show some great experiments. Shows collaborations with some amazing digital artists and programmers. Some really cool stuff here, allowing you to explore the range of art by interesting means – from huge 3D spaces, to machine learning interpretation, visual similarity. Great way of shining a light on the range of art Google has catalogued in fresh and modern ways.

Created by Google Arts & Culture (@googlearts).

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Pell Mell

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Site for UK & France based collective of artists and illustrators. Great collection of work – nice homepage carousel – love the dots with the circle growing around to show time between the carousel cycling. Colourful design that mirrors the colourful work – transitions between each section and pages are fun and playful. Nice and fun body of work in a simple and easy to use wrapper.

Created by Cher Ami (@FlyCherAmi).

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Tokyo Soup

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Site documenting Japanese style, art, culture and design. Wrapped in a fun minimal site with small moments of playfulness. Love the header that pops out, and collapses as you navigate the site, and the cool rollovers where the image inside the mask grows but mask shrinks. Fun scroll based animations and light white space layout lets the content shine.

Created by Michele Angeloro (@micheleangeloro).

Site here…